Holman Garden Tip: Growing Plants from Seeds

Autumn has arrived and we now say goodbye to summer gardening and hello to the ease of Autumn gardening. Autumn brings more rain and less direct sun exposure, minimising dry heat and creating a great growing atmosphere for our plants. In Autumn growing root vegetables is great for 2 reasons; It is the best season to start planting root vegetables and it provides a great vegetable harvest for winter cooking.

Weatherproof Your Garden

Summer is here now and temperatures are now reaching their peak. Give your plants what they need the most right now. Watering your plants regularly throughout the next few weeks is crucial.

In Australia, we can experience dry and hot summers that can be damaging to your garden if you are not prepared. Losing plants due to dehydration can be avoided over the next few weeks.

How to create a GreenWall – Vertical Garden

When you look at your garden or your balcony you are either in love with the beautiful greenery and the flourishing plants or you are reminded of the gardening project that you have been meaning to complete. We have an eye-catching masterpiece yet a purposeful solution to having easy greenery in your back garden or apartment balcony.

Our Holman GreenWall range is the new way to gardening. Apartment balconies do not have sufficient space for a detailed garden and block sizes are getting smaller. Our solution to still incorporating a lush contemporary garden into your home is… think beyond growing in the ground, grow on the wall!


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