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Durable and reliable, our Garden Hoses are built to withstand the tough Australian sun.

Available in a range of lengths and sizes, we have a variety of hoses to suit any job or task in your garden.

⌀12mm Garden Hoses

⌀12mm Trade Hoses

Trade Hoses designed with strength in mind, to cope with the tough Australian conditions.

Specialist Garden Hoses

Dripping Hose

The Dripping Hose is a weeping line irrigation system for applying precise amounts of water to small garden areas. Using a dripping hose reduces evaporation as water is delivered directly to the plant roots.

Soaker Hose

Designed to provide a reliable and even watering pattern for lawns and gardens, the Soaker Hose is an essential addition to the backyard. This works by spraying out fine multi directional streams to provide an even “strip” style watering pattern.

GWH3410 34mm x 10m Greywater Hose 2

Greywater Hose

Designed to divert water from your shower or laundry and allow you to reuse the water in your garden.


Reduce backyard clutter with our Retractable Hose Reels.

Available in 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m sizes, our Hose Reels fit any garden, big or small.

Garden Hose Videos

For more Garden Hose videos, tutorials and information, check out our YouTube Channel.

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