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Holman Misting Systems are designed for hot Australian summers. They are perfect to cool down patios, recreation & pet areas.

Holman Misting Systems are also ideal for watering greenhouses because the super fine spray does not damage your plants or seedlings. Due to easy installation, you will have your Misting System up and running within a few minutes.

To achieve the best misting results we recommend you use a Misting Timer. This will setup your misting system to burst cooling mist in intervals without soaking you wet.

New & Improved

SwapLock® Misting Fittings are the ultimate solution for a flexible misting system. Internal teeth ensure a secure fit, and  the unique locking system allows the hose and fittings to be disconnected and reused in different configurations.

Please Note: SwapLock® Misting Systems are compatible only with parts & Expansion Kits from within the SwapLock® range.

Use on your Patio

The Holman Misting Kit is fantastic at keeping your outdoor entertaining area cool during summer. The misting kit can reduce your outdoor area temperature by up to 10 degrees.

Or in your Greenhouse

The most efficient way to water plants in a Greenhouse is with one of our Misting Kits. Holman Misting Kits sit inside the greenhouse and will automatically water your seeds without disrupting soil or damaging plants.

Misting Kits

Our Misting Kits are available in various sizes from 7m up to 25m. All kits can be expanded by using individual parts or expansion kits to best fit your outdoor area.

Misting Tap Timer

Beat the heat this summer and complete your outdoor misting setup with the perfect timer!

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