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Our GreenWalls® are innovative growing systems that allow any wall to be transformed into an edible oasis or feature wall.

They provide amazing opportunities to grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers on vertical surfaces around the home, on balconies or in courtyards.

The modular design of the GreenWalls® allow each unit to be easily connected together providing complete flexibility to cover pillars, fences or walls. This allows architectural inspired patterns to be brought to life in horizontal or vertical configuration.

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Vertical GreenWall® Gardening

Enhance your outdoor area with a vibrant living feature wall.

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6 Reasons to Install a GreenWall®

  • Enhance your outdoor area
  • DIY friendly installment
  • Modular system – extend horizontally or vertically
  • Removable pots – easy maintenance and replanting
  • Included irrigation system
  • Reduced body strain – no bending or digging
GreenWall™ Vertical Gardening

GreenWall® Gardening Videos

For more GreenWall® Gardening videos, tutorials and information, check out our YouTube Channel.

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