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our top winter weather monitoring tips

Weather monitoring is an essential part of gardening. Maintaining a healthy garden requires careful decision making and keeping an eye on environmental conditions that directly affect the wellbeing of your plants.

Having a weather station can help even the most experienced gardeners. Know how much water you need to use, when to plant, how to avoid frost damage, prevent wind damage and plan your outdoor activities.

Know how much water to use

By monitoring how much or how little it has rained, you can calculate how much extra watering your garden needs. If it has been raining consistently throughout the week, you can update your irrigation and most likely skip watering for that week.  Watering the correct amount not only benefits your vegetables but can also help reduce any water wastage. Use one of our Professional Rain Gauges, or a Rain Gauge wedge to accurately track the amount of rain fall in your backyard or garden. Alternatively, our range of Weather Stations can also track your rainfall with its built in rain gauge.


Use a Smart Irrigation Controller

Another solution to monitoring rainfall is to link a rain sensor to your irrigation controller. Our WX8 Irrigation Controller can be linked to a rain sensor, once the sensor detects rainfall it will automatically suspend watering on the irrigation controller, resuming after the sensor dries out.

Help avoid damage to your plants

Save yourself time and effort by knowing your local weather forecast. Our Aspect Wi-Fi Weather Station range can be set to alert you of certain weather conditions including indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, wind speed, air pressure, rainfall and many more data points. This will help you know when to bring delicate plants in to shelter from harsh wind or protect them from frost. Once connected to weather underground, you can receive all of the data points directly to your mobile phone, or some models include an indoor data display unit.

Plan gardening & future outdoor activities

Know the best time to start planting, weed pulling and harvesting with weather monitoring. If it has rained over the past few days and the soil is still wet, it becomes compacted, so your seedlings won’t receive as much oxygen, so it won’t be the best time for planting. The opposite is true for weeding! Wait a bit after rain so the soil is no longer muddy, but still soft, is a great time to pull weeds and will require less effort.

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