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Our greenhouses make it easy to grow from seed, allowing anyone to cultivate their own nursery in the backyard.

Greenhouses allow anyone to grow seedlings at any time of year for a constant supply, saving money and regular trips to your local nursery. Growing from seed is the easiest way to grow heirloom Vegetable varieties saved and grown across generations. veggies.

If you’re propagating seeds for veggies or setting up a fun project for the kids, our greenhouses are an affordable DIY solution for most environments.

Propagating Seeds 

Walk-in Greenhouse Kit with Misting System

2m Depth Greenhouse Kit with Misting System

100% DIY friendly and extra spacious! With a tall height and 2m² of internal floor space, tending to your seedlings is a breeze.

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Walk-in Greenhouse Kit with Misting System

Walk‑in Greenhouse Kit with Misting System

With a tall height and 1m² of internal floor space to stand on, you can comfortably tend to your plants from the inside.

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4 Tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit

4 Tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit

Create a perfectly humid environment, ideal for growing plants from seeds and propagating cuttings

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