How to set up a Holman Smart Home


Whether it’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, voice command or smartphone-controlled, technology is evolving and becoming ingrained in our lifestyles along with our homes!

There are many ways that creating a smart home can help you around the house and in the garden. At Holman, we have recently introduced more smart products, we will show you how you can integrate these into your home and garden, outlining the special features of each. We’re constantly looking for new innovative solutions to make gardening easier and more enjoyable!

Holman Home Holman Home

Manage all your Holman smart home products from a single app with Holman Home. When setting up the devices, you’ll need to download the app from the Google Play or App Store. Manage your watering options and lighting controls with ease from a single app. Adjust settings, monitor schedules and make updates all from your smartphone.

RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller

Control your garden lights from anywhere in the world with our new RGB Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller, all you need is a smartphone and Wi-Fi access. Connect it to an existing system to upgrade your lights or check out our blog on how to set up your own RGB Garden Lights here. Once installed you can adjust the colour, intensity, create lighting displays or choose existing scenes, schedule start times and so much more. You can even link it to Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri for voice command control.

For more information on our RGB Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller, head over to the product page.

WX8 Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

The WX8 Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller is the ultimate upgrade in irrigation. Connecting up to 8 stations, the WX8 can be connected to an existing system. Control and manage your watering anywhere on the globe with an internet connection. Schedule your watering patterns exactly how you need them, with 3x starting patters, 8x watering stations and 7-day selection.

For further details on the WX8, or how to wire a controller check out our 3 Minute Thursday video.


Aspect Wi-Fi Weather Stations

Maintain a healthy garden requires careful decision making and precise weather monitoring. Closely monitor your localised weather conditions with our Aspect Wi-Fi Weather Station range. Providing indoor and outdoor reading with up to 14 unique weather data points, and weather report from Weather Underground. With this level of localised data, you can know the weather in your backyard, from almost anywhere – available directly on your smartphone.

For a more in-depth view on weather data and our Weather Station range, check out our product range here.


Smart Product Installation Videos

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