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Weather and climate affect us in many ways. Our Weather Stations can help anyone get to know the weather in their backyard, and build their ultimate comfort zone.

For essential monitoring of your garden, look no further than our range of Rain Gauges and Thermometers.

Need help setting up your Aspect Wi‑Fi Solar Pro, Wi‑Fi Solar or Wi‑Fi Analyst? Take a look at our Aspect Quick Setup Guide, or feel free to get in contact with our friendly Customer Service team!

Rain Gauges

Accurately track your rainfall


Track the temperature with a Mercury Free Thermometer.

Indoor and
Outdoor Analysis
TemperatureHumidityWind Speed
and Direction
WS5091WAspect Wi-Fi Solar Pro
WS5090WAspect Wi-Fi Solar
WS5070WAspect Wi-Fi Analyst
WS5029Aspect Wireless Data Centre
RGC1000Professional Rain Gauge
RGW1001Rain Gauge Wedge
TZLJ024Brass Thermometer and Hygrometer
TZL180380mm Aluminium Thermometer
TZL181250mm Aluminium Thermometer

Weather Station Videos

For more information and tutorials on our Weather Stations, check out our YouTube Channel.

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