WX1TT WX1 Tap Timer
WX1TH WX1 Tap Timer
WX1TT Wi-Fi Hub Required
WX1TT WX1 Tap Timer Packaging SAWM
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WX1 Tap Timer and Moisture Sensor Video
WX1TT WX1 Tap Timer

WX1 Tap Timer

Water smarter with live water flow and water usage updates delivered directly to your smartphone. The WX1 Tap Timer connects via your Wi-Fi Hub and Holman Home, to give you access to adjustments from anywhere. Manually power the Tap Timer with the on-board power button or set up automatic schedules using Holman Home. For further smart watering, pair with a Smart Moisture Sensor (more info here).

  • Single Tap Timer works as add on only. Requires WX1 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub for use
  • Connect via Wi-Fi through your home 2.4GHz network
  • See live water usage with the built-in flow meter
  • Schedule up to 3 different start times
  • Run times of 1 minute up to 11h 59 minutes
  • A msisting function included for short interval watering
  • Manually power your Tap Timer ON/OFF with the on-board power button
  • Connect up to 4 x WX1 Tap Timers to a single Wi-Fi Hub
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Smart Automation disclaimer
  • Do not use in freezing conditions
  • 3° min working temperature

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WX Wi-Fi Range: WX1 Tap Timer
  • WX1TH WX1 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub
  • WX1TT WX1 Tap Timer
  • WX2 Dual Outlet Wi-Fi Tap Timer and Hub
  • WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor 2022
  • WX8 Wi-Fi 8 Station Irrigation Controller with Holman Home
  • WX8RS 8 Station Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Product
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Water RatingIP54
Water Pressure30kPa – 1200kPa
Water Flow1L/min – 35L/min
Auto Shut OffYes
Battery Back-UpYes
Computer Software CompatibleNo
Digital DisplayNo
Hose-End CompatibleYes
Manual BypassYes
Maximum Cycle Time (min)719
Number of Cycles3
Number of Zones1
Odd/Even Day ProgramNo
Range from Hub to Tap Timer50m
Batteries Required4 x AA
Manual & FAQ's

Manual & FAQ's

For FAQ’s and support, please visit our help centre.

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Preparing tap timers for winter

  • Be sure you check with your local water authorities for any sprinkler bans
  • We recommend either reducing the watering time or turning it off completely
  • In really cold climates, we suggest that you remove the battery and make sure there is no water left inside the tap timer
  • If you live in an area that gets frost, we recommend taking off the tap timer completely and storing it away for the meantime
Holman Home iPhone WX1TT Smartphone

Holman Home Smartphone App
works with

Integrate Wi-Fi into your watering and take control from anywhere with Holman Home. The WX1 Tap Timer is built for Holman Home. Upgrade to the latest smart technology, available on Google Play and the App Store.

Easy Connection

The wireless connection allows for an easy set-up in 3 steps! Connect up to 4 x WX1 Tap Timers to a single Wi-Fi Hub

1. Plug your Wi-Fi Hub into your power outlet

2. Add Holman Home to your Smartphone

3. Link your WX1 Tap Timer through Holman Home

WX1TH Set-Up Steps Mobile

WX1 Tap Timer

Control your watering with ease: This unit simply connects to your Wi-Fi Hub, accessing watering controls and data. With custom, mist and manual watering options. it suits every garden.

WX1TH WX1 Tap Timer

Wi-Fi Hub and Socket

The heart of your Wi-Fi watering system: Connect to your WX1 Tap Timer(s) to access watering from your smartphone. The extra power socket allows for ON/OFF use from anywhere!

WX1TH Wifi Hub and Socket

Easy Tracking

Keep an eye on your water flow, water usage, watering schedules and more! The Wi-Fi Hub is powered through Holman Home, so you can have access from anywhere with an internet connection.

WX1 Timer Status Holman Home


WX1 Tap TImer

  • Control with Holman Home, available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Connect up to 4 x WX1 Tap Timers to a single Wi-Fi Hub
  • Connect Smart Moisture Sensor to a single Tap Timer for further data (sold separately)
  • Custom, Mist and Manual Watering options
  • 3 Start times with individual day selection options
  • Connects to Wi-Fi Hub through your home 2.4GHz network


WX1TH WX1 Tap Timer Feature
  • Connects directly to Wi-Fi Hub
  • Manual and automatic ON/OFF options
  • Schedule up to 3 different start times
  • Run times of 1 minute up to 11h 59 minutes
  • Includes Misting Timer function
  • Tracks water flow and water usage
  • Tracks soil moisture and temperature when used with WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor


WX1TH Wi-Fi Hub and Socket Feature
  • Control from anywhere with Holman Home
  • Connects to Holman Home via 2.4GHz network
  • Connect up to 4 x Tap Timers
  • Separate control of the power socket with ON/OFF function from anywhere
  • *Required to use WX1 Tap Timer and Moisture Sensor

Pair With:

WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor
  • Connects directly to Tap Timer
  • Sends soil moisture and temperature data to Tap Timer
  • Reduce water usage with 5 x levels of adjustable moisture sensitivity
  • *Connect between 1x or 8x Smart Moisture Sensors (check model here) per Wi-fi Hub
WX1TT WX1 Tap Timer
  • Requires: 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Tap Timer needs Wi-Fi Hub to operate
  • Working pressure: 30-1200kPa
  • 3ºC MIN working temperature
  • Connects to Hub via 2.4GHz network only
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Distance from Hub: 50m
  • Water flow:  1L/min – 35L/min
  • Water rating: IP54
  • Number of cycles: 3
  • Odd/Even day program: No
  • Expandable: Yes
WX1TT WX1 Tap Timer Packaging SAWM

Package Includes:

  • 1 x WX1 Tap Timer

Required for use:

Pair with:

Download the user guide here:

View Manual

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