Smart Moisture Sensor

Know your garden better than ever by adding in a Smart Moisture Sensor. Connect directly to your WX1 or WX2 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub for the ultimate smart watering package. Keep track of soil moisture and temperature via Holman Home and your smartphone, from anywhere on the globe. Automatically reduce your water usage based on the 5 different levels of adjustable moisture sensitivity.

  • Record soil moisture and soil temperature data
  • Reduce water usage with 5x levels of adjustable moisture sensitivity
  • Smart Moisture Sensor works as an add on only
  • Requires WX1 or WX2 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub for use
  • Use Smart Moisture Sensors with WX1 and WX2 Tap Timers (check model here)
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Smart Automation disclaimer

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WX Wi-Fi Range: Moisture Sensor
  • WX1TH WX1 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub
  • WX1TT WX1 Tap Timer
  • WX2TT-DSC08951-cutout-wx2-tap-timer
  • WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor 2022
  • WX8 Wi-Fi 8 Station Irrigation Controller with Holman Home
  • WX8RS 8 Station Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Product
Available at Bunnings
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Barcode: 9319841519727


MaterialPlastic and Aluminium
Water RatingIP67
Soil Moisture Range0% – 100%
Soil Temperature Range0ºC – 60ºC
Battery Back-UpNo
Computer Software CompatibleNo
Digital DisplayNo
Manual BypassNo
Odd/Even Day ProgramNo
Batteries Required3 x AAA



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paulyo (Sydney, Australia)
Great soil tester

So this soil tester is a great add on to any water system, i have it manly in our large back yard , jus because it cops the hot sun all afternoon with liitle shade , so is great how it can control your water Schedule , to match a healthy lawn , plus its easy to put in any other yard or garden patch u want to no the Moisture off ,,

John Cahill (Perth, Australia)
Battery Eater - confirmed!

Initially the sensor worked as expected with a battery life of about 3 months over the winter months. Thereafter batteries would only last about a week. I took it back to bunnings as faulty. Just put the new one in and it has chewed the batteries in only 2 weeks! Perhaps the sensors cannot take the heat! It is installed out in the full afternoon sun near the driveway where temperatures can get quite high.

Duncan Williams (Melbourne, Australia)
Battery eater

Chews through the batteries in 8 days. Plus no warning of low battery on app.

Hi Duncan, thank you for leaving a review. It certainly sounds like you have a faulty unit. Please get in touch with our support team and they can assist you with further troubleshooting.


The battery life of the moisture sensor is about two days as far as I can tell, at least with the "battery life" indicator switched on. Furthermore, the WX1 tap timer battery cassette has extremely thin and weak battery contacts that bend easily and give poor connections - leading to an "offline" indication until you remove the batteries and rebend the contacts.

It's a pity that the Holman Wi-Fi system doesn't (so far) live up to the quality standards of the rest of Holmans products. I hesitate to label it useless consumer junk just yet. No matter what features and how convenient it is, if it isn't reliable then that's what it will be.

My gardens have cost me many thousands of dollars and countless hours to establish. We live in country Victoria where it gets very hot in summer. I MUST have a reliable watering system for when I'm many miles from home. If this stuff doesnt work reliably, then its back to the less convenient Hydrawise system.

Hi Fizz,
Thanks so much for taking the time to review our Moisture Sensor. It looks like you have a faulty unit, as the battery life indicator should not be making an inaccurate reading.
Could you please contact customer service at, they will be able to assist you further.

Mark Hayes (Brisbane, Australia)
Moisture Meter

Over the last 12 months I have purchased a number of Holman Products choosing them being an Australian Product plus quality. I had some necessary requirements of a product which I could work safely and confidently from a remote location. Prior to purchase I had a number of queries and questions as to would this product fulfill my requirements which I was always promptly and accurately given a response. Based on this I committed and based on the performance I have extended the range of products with complete confidence. In particular I would acknowledge Krys in support who answered, addressed and tolerated me with all my issues and resolved all my issues beyond my expectations. I recommend the product, I appreciate the support and enjoy the product. 👍👍👍


Holman Home Smartphone App
works with
Smart Moisture Sensor

Integrate Wi-Fi into your watering and take control from anywhere with Holman Home. The Smart Moisture Sensor is used with the WX1 or WX2 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub, connected through Holman Home. Upgrade to the latest smart technology, available on Google Play and the App Store.

Easy Connection

The wireless connection allows you to easily add a Smart Moisture Sensor to your WX1 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub

Record soil data with the Smart Sensor

Send data to Wi-Fi Hub for cloud access

Reduce water time based on soil data

WXMS Set-Up Steps for Mobile

Smart Moisture Sensor

Take it to the next level: Connect Smart Moisture Sensors to your WX1 or WX2 Tap Timers to automatically restrict watering based on data. There’s no better way to be water smart in the garden

WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor

WX1 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub

The heart of your Wi-Fi watering system: The Wi-Fi Hub connects to your WX1 Tap Timer to access watering data from your smartphone. The Moisture Sensor is the perfect addition for this smart watering duo

Easy Tracking

Keep an eye on your Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature levels. The Wi-Fi Hub is powered through Holman Home, so you can have access to your soil data from anywhere with an internet connection

WX1 Timer Status Holman Home


  • Records soil moisture data
  • Records soil temperature data
  • Control from anywhere with WX1 or WX2 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub
  • Automatically reduce water usage
  • 5x levels of adjustable moisture sensitivity
  • Wi-Fi Control with Holman Home available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Use up to 8x Smart Moisture Sensors with WX1 or WX2 Tap Timers (check model here)


WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor
  • Connects directly to WX1 or WX2 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub
  • Sends soil moisture and temperature data to your WX1 or WX2 Tap Timer
  • Reduce water usage with 5 x levels of adjustable moisture sensitivity
  • Use up to 8x Smart Moisture Sensors with WX1 or WX2 Tap Timers (check model here)


WX1TH Wi-Fi Hub and Socket Feature
  • Control from anywhere with Holman Home
  • Connect up to 4 x WX1 or WX2 Tap Timers
  • Separate control of the power socket with ON/OFF function from anywhere
  • *Required to use WX Tap Timers and Moisture Sensor


WX1TH WX1 Tap Timer Feature
  • Connects directly to Wi-Fi Hub
  • Manual and automatic ON/OFF options
  • Schedule up to 3 different start times
  • Run times of 1 minute up to 11h 59 minutes
  • Includes Misting Timer function
  • Tracks water flow and water usage
  • Tracks soil moisture and temperature when used with WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Smart Moisture Sensor


WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor Packaging SAWM

Tech Specs:

  • Requires: 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Use up to 8x Smart Moisture Sensors with WX1 or WX2 Tap Timers (check model here)
WXMS Smart Moisture Sensor

Water from anywhere
with iOS and Android

Holman Home WX1TH Mockup
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