Wi-Fi Plantsitter™ Indoor Timer Kit

Integrate Wi-Fi into your indoor watering and take control from anywhere. The Holman WXi Plantsitter™ Wi-Fi Indoor Timer Kit has everything you need to set up an automated watering system for up to 10 potted plants without the need for a tap.

  • Smart home automation saves time and effort
  • Ideal for indoor, balconies or patio use without needing to be connected to a tap
  • Manual and automatic watering with Holman Home App
  • Includes fittings to water up to 10 potted plants
  • Water direct to soil to save water from evaporation
  • Do not use in freezing conditions
  • 3° min working temperature

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Weight0.435 kg
Dimensions216 × 100 × 146 mm

Holman Home Smartphone App
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Integrate Wi-Fi into your watering and take control from anywhere with Holman Home. The WXi Plantsitter™ Wi-Fi Indoor Timer Kit is built for Holman Home. Upgrade to the latest smart technology, available on Google Play and the App Store.

Deliver water directly to the plant’s roots ensuring optimal hydration and promote healthy, vibrant plant growth. While avoiding drips and overspray keeping your furniture and indoor space clean.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Plantsitter™ Indoor Timer
  • 1x USB Power Cord
  • 10m 4mm Flex Tube
  • 1x Check Valve
  • 1x Filter
  • 1x Detachable Hook
  • 10x 4mm Micro Emitter
  • 3x 4mm Joiner
  • 10x 4mm Tee
  • 3x 4mm Cross
  • 3x 4mm End Plug

Tech Specs:

  • Powered By: USB cable or 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Working pressure: 30-200kPa
  • 3ºC min – 50ºC max working temperature
  • Hose Length: 10m
  • Pumping Head: 2-3m
  • Water flow: 30L/hr
  • Maximum Run Time: 30min
  • Maximum Interval: 7days
  • Fitting Size: 4mm

Water from anywhere
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