Raised Garden Beds
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From garden to table, our Raised Garden Beds create a quick and easy vibrant garden. The modular system is incredibly versatile with an infinite range of possibilities.

Assembled on pavers, concrete or grass, our Raised Garden Beds are mobile and ideal for rentals. The panels can also be used for stylish garden edging. A watering system is included, which can be connected to a tap timer by a garden hose or poly pipe for automatic irrigation. Installation is completely DIY friendly, no tools, bolts or screws needed.

Raised Garden Bed Raised Garden Bed

The Modular 1, 2, 3+ System allows for an infinite range of possibilities.

Endeavour School Raised Garden Bed

6 Reasons why our Raised Garden Beds are Perfect for your Garden:

  • Easy to assemble and don’t require tools, bolts or screws
  • Watering system included
  • Available in multiple variants
  • They are modular so you can join multiple beds together
  • Wood composite is non-toxic, termite, rot and rust resistant
  • Soil in a raised garden bed is less compact and warmer which is ideal for faster plant growth

Raised Garden Beds

Our Raised Garden Beds are incredibly easy to assemble, DIY friendly and require no tools or fixings to set up.

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