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1, 2, 3+ Modular Garden Bed System

From garden bed to table, our Raised Garden Beds create a vibrant garden, quick and easy. The modular system is incredibly versatile with an infinite range of possibilities.

Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed

Recycled wood/plastic composite side panels.

Termite resistant side walls.

Rust proof materials.

Easy expansion, modular system.

UV stabilised protection.

4mm flexi poly tube.

Do it Yourself: No bolts or screws required.

Twista™ sprays with 1m spray radius.

Raised Garden Bed Added Depth Range

1, 2, 3+ Modular Raised Garden Bed System

 Added Depth 
900mm × 900mm × 300mm

Perfect for herbs with deeper root systems, our largest Raised Garden Bed kit is easily assembled and dissembled.

Browse 900mm × 900mm × 300mm

1, 2, 3+ Modular Raised Garden Bed System

 Added Depth 
1200mm × 600mm × 300mm

Our double bay Raised Garden Bed with Added Depth is the perfect solution for growing veggies and herbs in compact spaces.

Browse 1200mm × 600mm × 300mm

Raised Garden Bed Range

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