13mm x 25m Poly Pipe

Poly tube is used for irrigation applications ranging from watering your garden bed to having a full-scale watering system that includes all areas of the garden. Use poly tube when setting up spray systems, drip systems and sprinkler systems.

  • 13mm x 25m Poly Tube is made from premium material
  • Poly tube is used for all irrigation applications
  • Low Density
  • Accepts standard barbed micro fittings
  • Suitable for above and below ground applications

Diameter: 13mm
  • 13mm x 25m Low Density Poly Pipe PPH1325
  • 19mm x 25m Low Density Poly Pipe PPH1925
  • Poly Pipe 25mm x 25m
Length: 25m
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Weight1.25 kg
Dimensions570 × 108 × 570 mm
Pressure Rating
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