GW0055 Mobile Garden Kit
GW0055 Mobile Garden Kit
GW0055 Mobile Garden Kit
GW0055 Mobile Garden Kit
GW0055 Mobile Garden Kit Assembly
GW0055 Mobile Garden Kit

GreenWall® Mobile Garden Kit

Make your garden greener than ever with our brand new Mobile Garden Kit! This new model has an even easier set-up and pre-assembled irrigation kit, so you can spend more time planting! The Mobile Garden Kit can be wheeled to follow the sun or shade, depending on your plant type. This kit comes with 9 small GreenWall® Pots that can be used across the entire GreenWall Range. The two large planters are the perfect size for bigger herbs and leafy greens!

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Includes pre-assembled watering system
  • Free-standing and mobile
  • Pots integrate with GreenWall® Range


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The Mobile Garden Kit comes complete with 9 small GreenWall® Pots, 2 Planters and the irrigation system needed to start your own mobile garden! Fill the pots with your favourite herbs or veggies.


This Mobile Garden Kit is put together with a simple ‘Click and Go’ method. Simply join the Frame Clips together and slide onto the marked grooves. This allows for the frames that hold the pots to be securely placed in the correct position!


The four wheels on the base of the frame allow you to move the Mobile Garden Kit into any position. Perfect for moving with the sunlight or just moving to a new location! The two back wheels have a lock, to stop it from moving in windy situations.

Package Includes:

  • 9× Small GreenWall® Pots with mesh bases
  • 2× GreenWall® Planters with mesh bases
  • 16× Left Frame clips and 16× Right Frame clips
  • 2× Front wheel poles
  • 2× Back wheel poles
  • 2× Short frame poles
  • 2× Long frame poles
  • 1× Base frame
  • 1× Mid frame
  • 4× Frame hangers
  • 1× Pre-assembled watering system
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Tech Specs:

  • Height: 116cm, Length: 32cm, Width: 45cm
  • Small pots: 9 x 1L
  • Planter Pots: 2 x 10L
  • Requires 1× Garden hose for watering
  • 3ºC MIN working temperature
GW0055 Mobile Garden Kit


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