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Upgrade your backyard for spring by creating your very own Mobile Herb Garden!

Having a herb garden on wheels allows you to adjust and move your herbs to meet different sun requirements. A great option if parts of your backyard receive too much, or not enough light.

When growing herbs and veggies, the morning sun position is favourable as it is milder than the hot afternoon sun. A part sun position can also help extend the life of some of your plants! However, constant full sun exposure can cause them to burn and flower prematurely.

Setting up your Mobile Garden Kit should take around 15 – 30 minutes including adding your plants. For a detailed picture guide, you can download a copy of the instruction manual here, or check out our video tutorial on youtube!


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Remove the pieces from the packaging and layout all of the parts. Identify which poles have the wheels on the end, as you will be starting with these to create the base of the GreenWall. There will be two short poles with wheels and two long poles.

Mobile herb garden set up - step 1

Locate the arrows at the bottom of each wheel pole, this is where you will need to place one of the frame clips. These clips are used throughout the assembly and can only be placed with the arrows pointing upwards. Slide the clip until it clicks into the groove on the pole for a secure connection. Repeat this step for all four poles.

Mobile herb garden set up - step 2


Slide the metal frame with the wire base over the frame clips and onto the poles. The wire base has tapered slips, ensure that the wider end of the slips goes on first. The two short poles with wheels will face the front and the two long poles will go at the back. Press down firmly over the clips to ensure the frame is in place.

Mobile herb garden set up - step 3

Locate the next set of arrows on all four wheel poles and slide an additional clip onto each pole, click the clips into place. Take the wire hanger and slide this over the set of clips, pressing down firmly. Screw the next set of poles into the back of your Mobile GreenWall on both sides, making sure the arrows are pointing upward.

Mobile herb garden set up - step 4


Place the next set of clips over the arrows and slide a frame hanger over this set of clips, pressing down firming. Ensure that you do one set of clips and one hanger at a time and make your way up the poles. Repeat this step for the next frame hanger.

Mobile herb garden set up - step 5

Screw the last remaining poles into the top on the Mobile GreenWall and put on the last two frame hangers. The bottom frame is used for hanging one of the planters, and the top 3 frames are used for hanging the smaller pots. Now it’s time for plants!

Mobile herb garden set up - step 6


Use a good quality potting mix and some coir peat to make sure the plants don’t dry out too quickly. Once your plants are in, place one planter box on the wire base, and the other on the lowest frame hanger. Arrange your small pots however you’d like!

Mobile herb garden set up - step 7

Now you can move your mobile herb garden to your desired location. The wheels allow you to move your mobile herb garden around easily, follow the sun or move into the shade depending on your plant choice. Once in place, push down the clips io the two front wheels to secure.

Mobile greenwall set up - step 8


PART SUN HERBS AND VEGGIES: Try growing some of our favourite part sun herbs and veggies. For a full guide on growing for your climate, you can check out our article here!

  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Tarragon
  • Sage
  • Dill
  • Strawberries

FULL SUN HERBS AND VEGGIES: More tolerant to a full day of sunshine, these will grow perfect in the sun with adequate watering. We have a full guide available for picking the best plants for your GreenWall available here.

  • Parsley
  • Sweet Basil
  • Thyme
  • Coriander
  • Rosemary
  • Chives


Our Mobile Garden Kit comes included with its own pre-assembled watering kit. This kit runs on a 4mm piece of tube, that slots into the back of each pot. Each pot has its own adjustable dripper so you can control the water flow for certain plants. At the end of the tube, connect this directly to your garden hose and a tap to start watering! For automated watering, we recommend pairing this with a WX1 Tap Timer, so you can schedule your watering whenever.

watering mobile greenwall

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  1. Where are the prices? People or buisiness who don’t put out prices are Dodgy to me. Everything is displayed but the prices for budgeting.

    1. Hi Ivan, as we are a wholesaler our prices will vary depending on what store you purchase our products from. Because of this, we do not display prices on our website, unless it is a product or spare part that we sell directly. You can find your closest stockist through our store locator button, we hope this helps.

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