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Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day

We’ve got you covered this Father’s Day with the best garden-centric gifts for the dad who loves spending time outside. Find the latest in backyard gear that he’ll want to use year-round!


Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day 1120H
Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day 1120C

Upgrade Dad’s gardening with a compact Retractable Hose Reel. Easy and versatile to use, hose reels are perfect for watering the garden to washing the car. Our Retractable Hose Reels are wall-mounted hose storage solutions and come in 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m or 30m lengths to suit all backyards. The ideal garden gift for Father’s Day, hose reels include all of the fittings required for install, as well as the bracket, quality hose pre-fitted with hose connectors and multi-function spray gun. A garden must for everyone! Outfit the hose reel with our Charcoal Retractable Hose Reel Cover to keep it in the best condition.


Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day WX1TH
Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day WX1TH-Hub

Get Dad the latest in home automation! Our WX1 Wi-Fi Tap Timer is perfect solution for automating sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, Greenhouses and more. Easy to set up and schedule, Dad will have peace-of-mind knowing his plants and lawn are watered from the comfort of the lounge. For the ultimate smart watering package, pair with a Smart Moisture Sensor to track soil moisture levels and reduce water wastage in the garden by as much as 80%!


Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day RGC1000
Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day TZL180

Great gifts for the vigilant Dad who likes to keep track of the changes in his yard. Our Brass Thermometer and Hygrometer is a simple option to help Dad keep track of the temperature and humidity in his greenhouse, garden or home. The large display makes it easy to ensure conditions are ideal for the proper growth of healthy plants. A Rain Gauge is a clever gift to quickly measure the precipitation in the garden. A practical way for an observant gardener to avoid wasting water!


Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day WS5095W
Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day WS5095W-Display

For the Dad that is a serious weather geek. Level up his localised weather tracking with the Helios Wi-Fi Weather Station. Track 16 unique weather data points such as heat index, dew point and wind speed from either the indoor LCD display or your phone. When used with other Holman Home compatible products, this Weather Station can automatically adjust his watering schedules, through smart automations, saving on water.


Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day GH1004
Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day GH1004-misting

A great gift for the green thumb on your list, our Greenhouses are DIY-friendly and take no time at all to assemble. The warm environment created by greenhouses give even the trickiest seedlings the best chance to germinate. The misting system allows the soil to stay moist, without being excessively wet, contributing to the perfect conditions for plants to succeed.


Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day DLRGB3003
Outdoor Gifts for Father's Day CLXRGB60

Illuminate Dad’s backyard and entertaining area with RGB Garden Lighting. The RGB Wi-Fi Lighting Controller and Holman Home are easy to set up and power up to 60W of quality RGB Garden Lights. Choose from an amazing range of colours and set up smart automations and custom scenes straight from Dads’ phone. Perfect for lighting up the garden in his teams’ colours after a win!

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