RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller

Take lighting control beyond the garden with the Holman Home smartphone app. This RGB Colour Garden Light Controller features Wi‑Fi connectivity, allowing access to your Garden Lights from anywhere in the world. Smart automations and custom scene options allow you to light up your garden, however you want. Connect up to 16 Garden Light Controllers to Holman Home, for the ultimate lighting display.
* Smartphone not included. Wi‑Fi connectivity requires an internet connection.

* Holman Garden Lights are not compatible with other brands. For more information, FAQ and support head to our help centre.


Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • wifi garden light controller with smartphone
Available at Bunnings
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Additional information
Lighting Mode

RGB Colour



Connection Type4‑Pin Plug + Socket
Input240V AC
Output12V DC (60W Capacity)
Protection RatingIP54
Power Cable Length1080mm
Total Capacity60W
Outdoor UseYes
Electrician RequiredNo


Can I change the colour of each individual Garden Light?

  • As our Garden Lighting is all connected via our Plug + Socket System, all of the lights change to the same colour. You are not able to change colours of individual lights by using one Garden Light Controller. If you wish to have lights that are separate colours, additional Controllers can be purchased and connected to Holman Home.

My RGB Wi-Fi controller has a ‘flickering’ LED indicator and won’t allow me to change colours

  • If your RGB Wi-Fi controller has a flickering red LED where the colour indicator was, there is a strong chance there’s a fault in a cable in the system.
  • Most commonly this is the first cable (or connection tee) from the box to the lights. Unplug the light cable (or connection tee) from the controller and observe the indicator light – if it becomes stable then you can use your Holman Home app to move through the colours and watch the indicator display the colour you select. This confirms the cable as being at fault.
  • Remove the first cable (or connection tee) from the system and plug the next cable (or connection tee) into the box – if the indicator remains stable then you’ve isolated the issue as being your first cable (or connection tee). If it returns to flickering, the issue may be further down the line – you’ll need to test your cables/connection tees with the controller to rule them in or out of the system.
  • If you’re having a larger issue which you’re not able to work out, please contact the Holman Industries support team via phone or email for further assistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
P.S. (Sydney, Australia)

We bought this system a couple of years ago. While the system was easy to setup we found the app hard to operate, but managed. The system stopped working a couple of months a go and an investigation found that it had lost its blue tooth connectivity. We went to the Bunnings store that we purchased the unit from to source a replacement board only to be told that no spare parts are available. So for the sake of a $5-10 electronic board we are expected to buy a new unit for $210.00. We find it hard to believe in todays world of climate change and dwindling resources that this company is still producing items that are not repairable. We will be replacing the whole system and will not support this company again.

Wally (Perth, Australia)
Great lights that are easy to install in your garden

Great lights that are easy to install in your garden I will definitely add more

Abhi (Melbourne, Australia)
Great product, easy set up

Plug and play. Easy set up. Quality build.
Would have been good if RGB also had white light.

Chris Yapp (Perth, Australia)
Quality Product

I bought one controller to test out the decking and pond lights. I was impressed with the ease of setting them up and their quality. I went ahead to buy another controller, this time to connect 10 path lights. The colour range was amazing which is no issue when I select both controllers to Colour. However when I select both controllers to Scene, I cannot get the colours to synchronize. I raised this with support who confirmed there is no feature to address this and had passed it on to the development team to work on it. It will be great if all the colours are the same when they are set to Scene. Besides this small issue, I won't hesitate to get the third controller for the front yard when it is ready to be renovated.

Mark Wilton (Brisbane, Australia)
Simple to set up and looks amazing

Bought the RGB controller, and a set of Large spots and deck lights.
Controller was easy to set up onto wifi and schedule.
I really like the feature that you can link the on off time to an event such as sunset so that you don't need to change schedules for winter and summer.
Connectors and cable quality is good, although its easy to lose the rubber o rings when unscrewing, not sure how you can get replacements.

Love these lights

Mork Edmonds (Sydney, Australia)
Easy Setup 👍

Loved the fact that we didn’t need to employ an electrician with this setup, and that we can easily add to or change the system anytime we want. It was basically plug and play. Very impressed with the waterproofing around the plugs. The controller is good for 60W of lights so make sure to calculate your needs accurately. The wattage of each light is on the box so this helps you immensely. We decided that more was better and went with a nice combination of path lights (3W each) and the smaller 43mm spotlights (3W each) which enabled us to squeeze in almost 20 lights in total. All controllable from our phone. Also handy that we can preset the times they turn on and off and the length of time they are on for. Heaps better than our daggy old solar powered Christmas lights. 👍

James Pregnell (Brisbane, Australia)
Easy breezy lighting solutions

After installing a swimming pool, the only way to top off the decking was with a number of holmans products. The Holman WiFi garden light controller was such a dream to set up, simple and had the first round of lights up and running in 10 minutes.

This was such an easy process that I’ll be getting another for another section of our yard 👍

Kevin Hawker (Houston, United States)
Transformed our garden!

I recently installed the Holman WiFi Garden light controller along with a series of spotlights and decklights, and its really transformed the garden. We've found ourselves using the garden and alfresco area much more regularly, and the ease of changing the colours and creating schedules has meant its really been set and forget.

I've particularly liked lighting up the garden in my teams colours after a win :)

Looking forward to adding more lights in the future to take it to the next level.

Andrew (Hawthorn, Australia)

The whole product offering is really great. The set up of the controller through through our network was easy and the level of control over the lighting gives you plenty of options.

Cameron (Clifton Springs, Australia)
Really awesome

Really easy to set up and operate. It’s amazing how this has helped transform our backyard

wifi garden light controller with holman home

Bring your garden to life from anywhere in the world with Holman Home. Our Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller is built for Holman Home, so you can start the party from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Full Colour Control

wifi garden light controller lighting details

Choose from a 360° range of colours, with additional dimming and saturation controls included.

wifi garden light controller rgb colour selection
wifi garden light controller scene control
wifi garden light controller connection

DIY Connection

Power your lights without an electrician with our 4‑Pin Plug + Socket cable system, compatible with your existing 4-Pin lighting setup.

Wifi Garden Light Controller

Easy Scheduling

If it’s for security or just to keep the party going, Holman Home is here with flexible timer and schedule functions, including notifications when your lights are activated.

Wifi Garden Light Controller with 7-day scheduling.

Custom Scenes

Get the mood just right with multiple preset scenes and custom flash settings. Be ready for that alfresco dinner, or a dance party!

wifi garden light controller scene customisation
wifi garden light controller flash settings

Full garden control, from anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, so long as you have an internet connection, you have control over your Garden Lights and any other devices you have synced to Holman Home.

wifi garden light controller in holman home
Access your Wifi Garden Light Controller anywhere in the world.

RGB Colour
4‑Pin Plug and Socket

Installation is simple with our modular 4‑Pin Plug and Socket cable system. The connections are DIY friendly with no electrician required, and are backed by IP67 water and dust protection.

Step 1


Our RGB Colour Garden Light Controllers are available in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® models. Wi‑Fi is controlled with Holman Home and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Bluetooth® has a 20m control range and a more secure connection controlled with iGardener™.

Step 2

Garden Lights

Mix and match different lighting styles for every part of your garden, be it your decking, the path or even the pond.

Step 3

Cables and Connectors

Choose the right cable length between your garden and controller, and the right connectors needed to attach your Garden Lights.


CLXRGB60 RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller Packaging Front
  • 1× Wi‑Fi RGB Colour Garden Light Controller
  • Smartphone not included
wifi garden light controller with smartphone
  • 4‑Pin Plug + Socket Connection
  • 60W total capacity
  • No electrician required
  • DIY safe installation
  • Smartphone not included
  • Connection type: 4‑Pin Plug + Socket
  • Product dimensions: W205 × H290 × L75mm
  • Weight: 1.044kg
  • Input: 240V AC
  • Output: 12V DC (60W Capacity)
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Power Cable Length: 1080mm


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wifi garden light controller through holman home
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