4 Tier Greenhouse

The Holman 4 Tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit is perfect for growing seedlings or propagating cuttings. Featuring 4 shelves, built in misters and a weatherproof transparent cover, the greenhouse creates an ideal humid environment and protects your plants from outside weather. The greenhouse’s size is suitable for large and small outdoor spaces.

  • Misting nozzles included
  • Powder coated
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Transparent cover included
  • Ideal for creating a humid environment
  • 4 shelves

Greenhouse Type: 4 Tier
  • 4-Tier-Greenhouse
  • Walk-In-Greenhouse
  • 2m-Depth-Walk-In-Greenhouse
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Weight4.3 kg
Dimensions704 × 475 mm




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Customer Reviews

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Doug (Brisbane, Australia)
Very poor design, quality and customer service

I'm overall very disappointed with this purchase, as the design and quality of the parts is quite poor.
The main point is that the connectors for the pipe DO NOT HOLD. When I turn the water on, within ten seconds, the pipe connectors will have burst from even low amounts of water pressure.

I tried explaining this to the help desk, but I was met with disbelief and cynicism. I tried to explain that the end cap does not have the holding ability for even a small amount of hose pressure. This person then told me that I'll have to fold the end of the pipe and then zip tie it, which would likely void the warranty because it's a modification of the design. But, I persevered and folded the pipe in, but this just meant that the pipe burst at the first before the misters. I knew this was going to happen, but I did it anyway. So, I went to bunnings to purchase some proper fittings that are internal to the pipe. But, the same thing happened again. The conclusion is that when the pipe gets too warm from being out in the sun (I know, really unusual to put a green house in the sun, but bear with me), the pipes that are included with misting kit get too soft and will not stay on any connector. The hose pressure is very minimal, and the only time it doesn't burst is when the pressure is so low, there is no misting coming out, which makes the system redundant.
Now, when I called up the second time, the second person told me that Holman was hoping to change manufacturers because of this flaw, which flies in the face of the first person I spoke to who tried to tell me that she had "never heard of this happening before"...if you are changing manufacturers, there must be a serious problem that you're aware of, so this alone makes me question Holman employee integrity. The second person was a lot more understanding and reassuring and told me that she would send me some clips to help secure the pipe...but it was for an 8mm pipe and it had masonry nails for securing it to a wall, not the greenhouse that has 13mm pipe. Strike three...

Here's the simple fix to this system.

1) You need to get some pipe that is not going to soften so much when exposed to the sun, which is something you'd expect for having a greenhouse. The pipe that comes with the greenhouse and the connectors would not hold up to any water pressure because the pipe gets too soft in the heat.

2) You need more misting points so that the pressure does not build up to the point where the pipe joints burst if there's any sort of hose pressure. There's only two misting points, so the pressure in an average residential hose is way too much for the pipe to handle. If I'm going to use this, I'm going to have to put in more pipes with more misting points (at my expense), which defeats the purpose of why I bought it in the first place.

Overall, this experience has been rather disappointing for me. The materials used in the product are of a very poor quality, and the overall design of the system need some serious modification if you want to have a misting system. Luckily I had some old irrigation pipe (from one of your competitors, I might add) in my shed, so I made a one-piece riser instead of the three or four small pipes and terrible connectors. But, the single pipe that came with the kit still comes apart very easily, so now I'll have to modify it more (at my own expense) in order to get it to work.

Definitely won't be coming back to Holman products.

Greg Hosking (Melbourne, Australia)
Great for purpose

I bought (late 2022) to help with propagating vegetable seeds, put under veranda weighted down with bricks it works a treat easy watering seedlings and you don't have to climatize as they are getting sun and fresh air during the day I have had no problems with it GREAT PRODUCT will buy more later on.

Shelley (Perth, Australia)
Broke during construction

Bought 2 of these, with the intention of buying 2 more, but will be returning them and won't buy Holman again.
One of the side plastic parts broke whilst putting the metal rod into it. Then another one broke when dismantling it.
I have an old Holman 4 tier frame (without a cover) which I bought at a garage sale and the plastic parts on that are much more robust than the new product. Can't imagine these lasting for long out in the weather.
Would have given a zero rating if possible.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We're sorry to hear the greenhouses you have recently purchased have broken during set-up. This is quite unusual, and we apologise for any frustration or inconvenience caused.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and has already forwarded it to our development team for further investigation.

If you have any issues with the return please get in touch with our customer service team at support@holmanindustries.com.au and they will assist you with the refund process.

Holman Team

Therese (Brisbane, Australia)
So far so good

Would like to be able to move the shelves around so you can change the height

J. (Adelaide, Australia)
Cheap maternals

This greenhouse is okay if you only want it for a year, because after that the UV with make the plastic cover so weak it will just brake apart. Being that it is made of creap lightweight materials, your gonna want to fix it security to the ground before it becomes a kite and all your plants are on the ground.

Samantha (Prahran East, Australia)
Love this greenhouse!

We purchased this greenhouse after developing a plant obsession during lockdown. It was easy to assemble and put herbs and veggies grow so fast in the warm and humid environment! The mister is very handy. Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

Denissa Murphy (Canberra, Australia)
Great greenhouse

I used this greenhouse to kick start my summer seedlings. It was really easy to assemble and took no time at all. Most of my summer seeds germinated thanks to the warm environment created by the greenhouse, even the eggplants which are usually really tricky to germinate. The misting system allows the soil to stay moist, without being excessively wet. Great product overall.

The 4 Tier Greenhouse provides ample space to grow a wide range of seedlings all year so you don’t have to rely on nurseries to stock your favourite plants.

It is designed as a DIY and easy to assemble product, and its narrow size is great for gardens, courtyards and balconies.

A great option if you propagate from plant cuttings as cuttings will develop roots quicker in the warm environment the Greenhouse provides.

7 Reasons why the 4 Tier Greenhouse and Misting kit is the perfect companion for any home gardener

  • Give yourself a constant supply of seedlings throughout the year
  • 4 shelves provide for ample room to grow a range of seedlings or cuttings
  • Save money by growing your own seedlings in this DIY nursery
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t require any bolts, screws or tools
  • Durable powder coated metal construction that will withstand outdoor weather
  • Included transparent weatherproof cover with zips for easy access to protect your seedlings
  • Included misting nozzles as part of the irrigation system
GH1004 4 Tier Greenhouse Cutout
  • Model number: GH1004
  • Product dimensions: 500 × 1580 × 700mm
  • Package dimensions: 75 × 700 × 470mm
  • Weight: 5kg