Greenhouses - Walk-in Greenhouse Kit
Greenhouses - Walk-in Greenhouse Kit
Greenhouses - Walk-in Greenhouse Kit
Greenhouses - Walk-in Greenhouse Kit
Walk-in Greenhouse Kit

Walk-in Greenhouse Kit

With a tall height and 1m² of internal floor space to stand on, you can comfortably tend to your plants from the inside.

Greenhouse Type: Walk-In
  • 4-Tier-Greenhouse
  • Walk-In-Greenhouse
  • 2m-Depth-Walk-In-Greenhouse
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Customer Reviews

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Tom R

You get what you pay for

Does not handle the wind well at all. I assembled as per the instructions and used the loops on the outside to fasten the greenhouse to the ground. I actually tied it to a massive planter box on one side and the house on the other. On the first day the wind ripped the loops off from the plastic cover leaving massive holes on each corner (it was also the really windy day tress were blown over in Melbourne). Seedlings flew everywhere. Instead of returning the greenhouse I used the holes to tie the inner frame down and taped the holes back up. I used a ratchet hooked to the lower frame on one side, over the top and fasted on the other side. Since then it is solid, looks a little ghetto but it 100% stable, even with the hectic winds we've been having in the first week of September. Basically, the fasteners on the outside are totally rubbish and it doesn't come with anything to secure it properly. But you can secure it if you try, and you have to really try. Shelves are fine, misting system is great. Its a $125 alternative to a $1000 greenhouse, worth it for the budget option.


Perfect for novice

Purchased and constructed one week ago.
Goes together easily and is a sturdy, if lightweight, construction. Shelves could probably be a heavier grade of mesh, but no problems so far.
Others have had problems with wind damage, so advice is to peg down (angle the pegs) and weigh the bottom level down with pavers as an extra protection. I have done so and recent windy conditions didn't cause any damage or problems.
So far so good - and I have a nice batch of lettuce sprouting and some tomatoes that I hope to see shoots from any day!

Don Malavige

Still very early days. Material in good quality.

Just put it together today. Very easy to put together.
Materials looks in good quality
Decent size.
Shelf are bit flimsy but ok for my purposes.

Looking forward to use it over spring time.


Bought last week. Easy to assemble and misting system works great. Good quality plastic cover. Shelf mesh a little flimsy but overall, I'm satisfied with this product. Time will tell how long it lasts, but certainly happy with it so far.


I bought this the other day and I love it! very easy to set up and exactly what the product says it is. Good buy


Brilliant Greenhouse

Fantastic compact greenhouse sturdy great product highly recommended.

Sam Smith

This greenhouse makes sowing seeds a lot easier. They germinate fast in the warm environment and the shelves make it easier to store them. There’s enough room for me to turn around and it also has a good misting system. Holman On Instagram gave me the extra tip to put heavy bricks down on the base so it doesn’t fly away in the wind. Thanks to them it has survived many storms.


I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. Very easy to assemble. Plenty of room. Fits nicely in our small yard.

Extend your gardening season by propagating and caring for your edible and non-edible plants all year round in this protected environment.

A heavy duty cover protects seedlings from the rain, wind and harsh sun while they grow to maturity.

The generous shelf space allows not only room for seedlings, but also larger plants.

  • No bolts, screws or tools required
  • Durable powder coated metal construction
  • Includes irrigation system with misting nozzles
  • 770mm × 680mm internal standing floor space
  • Heavy duty woven weather resistant cover
  • Model number: GH1001
  • Finished size: W 1330 × H 1995 × D 680 mm
  • Weight: 5.8kg
  • Material: Ripstop woven cover
  • Shelves: 4