Travelling Sprinkler Wheel Assembly Kit Spare Part

Replace your wheels for the travelling sprinkler 7700h with this assembly kit (016775). All parts shipped from our Perth Office, Western Australia.


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Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 200 mm



Customer Reviews

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Renae Miles (Sydney, Australia)
Great Item

We broke the wheel off our travelling sprinkler so had to buy a new set, the sprinkler was easy to dismantle and attach the new wheels. Now it moves great again.

Kevin Patterson (Brisbane, Australia)
Tractor sprinkler

This sprinkler works brilliantly in my large yard. I can leave the sprinkler on low and it will do the front yard for the whole day

Peter Reilly
Got more than I wanted

I have a relatively large area to water. Your product fills a special place in this process. My first tractor served me well, the second, in use now continues the process. I wrecked the first for spares, which perhaps I'll never need.
I find that the weakest part in the design of these, is the part of the rear wheel that fits over the pin of the axle shaft. I go through a few rear wheels. The reason that I only rated this spare part kit as 3, is because, and perhaps I didn't look closely enough, I thought that I was purchasing a couple of spare wheels, and paid for and got a whole rear end. Have already explained that I have spares in that regard.
Explanatory comments: There is no clutch or drive release mechanism, and something has to give, ... accepted. I am on a sandhill so usually, this small device dragging a heavy length of full 20mm hose digs in and bogs itself, before damage is done. I customarily put a hose clamp around the split part of the wheel axle section when fitting to give added strength. It works.
Anyway, sometimes it does so well that the whole centre screws out of the wheel. I think that replacement wheels should be made available as stand alone items; Don't see the need for all the rest

Michael Zupp (Brisbane, Australia)
Sprinkler wheel assembly

Was surprised the wheels never came with tge circlips!

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