ø12mm Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Sprinkler

The Heavy Duty Rooftop Mounted Sprinkler is tough and built to last in the harshest conditions. The adjustable metal base fits all roof types and the silicon grip ensures it stays put. Includes a high quality, 3-Arm Brass Sprinkler for larger, wind resistant drops. Fully customisable, easily replace the sprinkler head for different spray types to suit your needs. The maximum spray radius is equal to 5 metres at 276kPa. Daisy Chain multiple sprinklers to ensure total coverage.

  • Evenly distribute water on your roof
  • Silicon feet for increased grip
  • Replaceable head for different spray types (additional heads sold separately)
  • Daisy-chain multiple sprinklers for optimal coverage
  • Large droplets to limit wind gust effects
  • 1x Rooftop base with daisy chain sprinkler fitting
  • 1x Brass 3-arm sprinkler head

Available at Bunnings
Additional information
Weight1.008 kg
Dimensions285 × 205 × 52 mm
rooftop sprinkler daisy chain installation

1. Connect to tap with 12mm hose

2. Daisy chain at brass inlet and outlet fittings

3. Ensure total coverage of rooftop by placing sprinklers 5m apart

4. Use end cap on last sprinkler to finish the line

*Hose and hose connectors are sold separately.