Turbine Powered Gear Drive Sprinkler

Choose one of four, high‑radius or low‑angle spray settings, with this Turbine Powered Gear Drive Sprinkler. The adjustable 0-360° coverage allows you to target specific areas of your large lawn.

  • Great for larger lawns!
  • 2× low angle spray options for precise watering in tight areas
  • Variable coverage angle between 0° and 360°
  • UV resistant plastic built for for the harsh Aussie sun
  • Long life gear drive unit with internal turbine mechanism

Weighted Base Type: Turbine Powered
  • 7160H--360-spinner-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7150H-large-shaker-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7180H-Oscillating-Sprinkler-with-Heavy-Duty-Weighted-Base
  • 7170H-turbine-powered-gear-drive-sprinkler
Available at Bunnings
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Customer Reviews

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None of your business (Melbourne, Australia)

The title says it all. Buy another sprinkler system

Hello, thank you for sharing your experience with our Turbine Powered Sprinkler and we're truly sorry to hear that it did not meet your expectations. Your feedback is crucial to us as we strive to improve our products. Please reach out to our customer service team at support@holmanindustries.com.au to discuss a resolution. Thank you, your Holman Team.

Saman Surage (Melbourne, Australia)
Not rotating

Purchased one from Bunnings. Use a day. The second day, the rotating function stopped. Returned to Bunnings. Wasted my time. Not a good item.

B.A.H. (Brisbane, Australia)
Does the job

I just wanted a sprinkler do water my front lawn and choice this on its price point. It does the job. Worked out how to adjust the patterns and throw quite easily. Just remember to slide up the orange tab before changing pattern and then back into place. The side the orange slide is on is the pattern throw side.

Ally Keyes (Perth, Australia)

I bought this because of exactly the functions it claims to have. My low rating of 2 stars is because I can see this sprinkler being broken and returned by purchasers more than it'll be used successfully. There are ZERO instructions for it's use! I am far more patient than the average person when it comes to working out how to use stuff or put stuff together or repair stuff, and even I came close to breaking a plastic part on this sprinkler. I worked out the spray patterns by looking closely at the pictures on the box but there are ZERO hints on how to set the spray radius. The 2 plastic tabs on the side of the sprinkler are a clue but when I tried to push them together and then away from each other when that didn't work, they moved a bit but not as freely as one would expect. It's only from many years of repair work that I knew not to push it. Another person may not be so gentle and thoughtful. I then discover the lock and unlock tab on the other side of the sprinkler that has absolutely ZERO identifying marks on it for what it's intention is or which way means what. Through trial and error I quickly discovered that this tab locks and unlocks the rotational tabs I was referring to earlier. However, once again, there is NOTHING on the actual sprinkler itself that alludes to how to position these tabs to get the spray pattern you're looking for. So you're left with no choice but to experiment, which I did, of course. So I separated the 2 tabs but couldn't figure out which side of the sprinkler the pattern would throw to. I have a tiny rectangular patch of grass so I eventually decided to set the sprinkler up in the middle just in case it decided to water the pavement instead. Turned on the tap and watched. As I waited for the sprinkler to find it's stop points as per the rotational tabs I'd set, the damn thing just continued to just keep going around in a complete circle! I let it go a few times before turning off the tap and returning to the box it came in to see if I could find something written on it somewhere to lead me to some online user guide at least. NOTHING! Unfrignbelievable!!! I'm now scouring the internet to try and work out how to use this contraption.... Wish me luck!

with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

  • 150m² max circular coverage
  • ⌀14m (7m radius) throw
  • Ideal for LARGE lawns
  • 4× unique watering functions
  • Adjustable 1-360° Spray Circle Range
  • Internal Weights for solid base
  • 12mm Snap-On Double O-Ring Connection
  • Sprinkler 15mm BSP Female Head

With Interchangeable Head + Base

  • Model number: 7170H
  • Product dimensions: 190 × 110 × 210mm
  • Package dimensions: 85 × 190 × 210mm
  • Weight: 0.42kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flow rate at 400kPa: 8.27-9.55L/min
    *Varies depending on which spray function is active