Oscillating Sprinkler

This oscillating sprinkler is often used for watering large sections of lawn or garden at the one time. The spray pattern is rectangular in shape and it can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes. When set to the largest spray pattern (full pattern, 90º rotation) it has a maximum coverage of 70m².

The sprinkler is equipped with two adjustment levers (left and right), which can be adjusted independently between the maximumº angle to suit the watering area. This allows you to water up to an edge. The centre spray pattern feature is great for median strips or narrow lands, with the flexibility of this oscillating sprinkler, watering has never been so easy!

  • 96m² max rectangular coverage
  • 12 × 8m max coverage area
  • Ideal for MEDIUM lawns
  • Adjustable spray angle

Additional information
Weight0.51 kg
Dimensions445 × 180 × 100 mm





Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jo (Perth, Australia)

Have written the following email to Hollman:
I purchased a new Hollman oscillating sprinkler as you advised in late November 2023, today one of the hottest days of the year it has decided to stop oscillating after LESS THAN 3 MONTHS!

I've tried all the remedies found online & still can't get it to oscillate, & there is nothing wrong with the water pressure.

Please advise asap, as my garden will die in this heat without being watered

Very disappointed in Hollman Regards Jo

Mickrick (Canberra, Australia)
Really good to start with, but it stopped oscillating for no reason

I also came to this site looking for a fix, but now i realise I'm not the only one having issues. The sprinkler went well for the first 12 months and was really good on our large lawn, but now its stopped oscillating. I've tested the pressure and sprinkler at 2 houses both with good water pressure, and it's still not oscillating, I've watched the video and re-checked sprinkler and also relubricated the sprinkler but its still not working. can Holeman provide a replacement that actually oscillates please? I'm also going to approach Bunnings to report this and maybe take it off their shelves, or rebrand it as a "non-oscillating sprinkler"

Julie Byrne (Adelaide, Australia)
Totally Disappointed

Bought the sprinkler, worked great for the first lawn then stopped oscillating, tried using it on several occasions after , starts ok for two or three passes then stops again, thought I had maybe bought a dud so bought another one, just as bad , wish I had read the reviews before I purchased these, had the old original one for years no probs….certainly won’t be buying any more Holman sprinklers

A I (Melbourne, Australia)
Did a great job initially and then stopped …

Tried all the troubleshooting … just stopped oscillating. Won’t buy again. Stear clear of this product

Derek (Adelaide, Australia)

Performed job required first use but stopped oscillating second use, tried all recommended troubleshooting suggestions but has never again worked - agree to steer clear from this one

Me (Sydney, Australia)
Never worked

Steer clear if this product.

Paul K (Melbourne, Australia)
Have to agree.

I came here looking for instructions because ours has never oscillated and I thought I was missing something obvious. Obviously a common fault with this model.

Darren (Brisbane, Australia)

Bought it home and it never worked. Tried playing with it to get it going, but no luck. Wasted my time and money.

Anthonym (Balgowlah, Australia)
Great when works but oscillation is unreliable

This sprinkler works well, covering large sections of lawn without needing to be moved but, unfortunately it’s let down by the oscillation mechanism, which has now stopped for me. I can’t recommend this sprinkler because the one job it needs to do - water large sections of lawn - is not possible because the oscillation will stop working after a while. This is the second one I’ve owned and both have let me down with the same problem.

Leeton Webb (Melbourne, Australia)
Waste of money

Ceased working within an hour of use.