Oscillator with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

Water in large rectangular blocks with the Oscillator! This sprinkler has an adjustable flow rate, angle and coverage to reach each corner of your large lawn.

  • Ideal for large lawns!
  • Adjustable spray area by both length and width
  • Turbine powered gear driven movement control
  • UV resistant plastic, built for the harsh Aussie sun
  • Adjustable flow rate for finer area control

Weighted Base Type: Oscillator
  • 7160H--360-spinner-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7150H-large-shaker-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7180H-Oscillating-Sprinkler-with-Heavy-Duty-Weighted-Base
  • 7170H-turbine-powered-gear-drive-sprinkler
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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
P.C. (Sydney, Australia)

When looking at different brands, don't be cheap and buy holman. Absolute rubbish sprinkler, lasted about 2 hrs before an internal failure and stopping moving. Definitely returning and buying a better quality product.

Hi Phil, we're sorry to hear that you've had a disappointing experience with our Oscillator with Heavy Duty Weighted Base. It's concerning to hear about the issues with the sprinkler stopping, and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. If you haven't already, please reach out to our customer service team at support@holmanindustries.com.au to discuss alternative solutions. Thank you, your Holman Team.

Michael (Adelaide, Australia)

I bought the Gardenline version of this from ADLI and the oscillation worked one way for the first 10 seconds then stopped. Returned that and bought this from Bunnings and only one of the oscillation range adjusters works, so it goes to the limit one way and then about 5 degrees back, even when adjusted for the full span. Going back tomorrow.

Anonymous (Melbourne, Australia)
Bad design

My wife loves the range the oscillation gets but our issue is the small black rod at the base of the cylinder that blows off under pressure. I fixed our second one by glueing it back in place.

GG (Melbourne, Australia)
Junk for the recycling.

Bought this sprinkler summer 22/23 and used twice (about 2 hours max). This summer used once and the oscillation stopped. Worst sprinkler in 50 years of gardening. Don't waste money on this one. Should have read reviews first.

NAS (Sydney, Australia)
Worst sprinkler

The actual worst sprinkler iv ever used. Worst flow rate and the oscillator doesn’t work at alll

John Woodwell (Perth, Australia)
Piece of crap

What a waste of money, stopped working after 1 week. absolute rubbish, should be off the market. Junk

Iain Miller Smith (Adelaide, Australia)

Repeating the above poor reviews. A piece of junk.

Lyn Fletcher (Canberra, Australia)
Yep stopped oscillating in less than a week

I should of looked at the reviews before buying, I got less than a week out of it before it stopped oscillating. Back to Bunnings for a refund hopefully.

S.F. (Central Coast, Australia)

What’s the warranty on these? Mines stopped like everyone else’s. Upgrading to a better brand.

M.B. (Adelaide, Australia)
Terrible, the description of ‘oscillating’ is misleading

Terrible product. Purchased two of these and lucky of o for a week out of them before they stopped oscillating. Looking at the reviews they are guaranteed to do this by the one month mark. The fact the company hasn’t fixed the issue and is still continuing to sell these must be going against some consumer laws at this point. Don’t waste your money - buy another brand!

with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

  • 360m² max rectangular coverage
  • 30 × 12m max coverage area
  • Ideal for LARGE lawns
  • Adjustable spray angle
  • Variable area control, W + L
  • Internal Weights for solid base
  • 12mm Snap-On Double O-Ring Connection
  • Sprinkler 15mm BSP Female Head

With Interchangeable Head + Base

  • Model number: 7180H
  • Product dimensions: 190 × 120 × 190mm
  • Package dimensions: 95 × 190 × 210mm
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flow rate at 400kPa: 9.6L/min