Oscillator with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

Water in large rectangular blocks with the Oscillator! This sprinkler has an adjustable flow rate, angle and coverage to reach each corner of your large lawn.

  • Ideal for large lawns!
  • Adjustable spray area by both length and width
  • Turbine powered gear driven movement control
  • UV resistant plastic, built for the harsh Aussie sun
  • Adjustable flow rate for finer area control

Weighted Base Type: Oscillator
  • 7160H--360-spinner-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7150H-large-shaker-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7180H-Oscillating-Sprinkler-with-Heavy-Duty-Weighted-Base
  • 7170H-turbine-powered-gear-drive-sprinkler
Available at Bunnings
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
M.B. (Adelaide, Australia)
Terrible, the description of ‘oscillating’ is misleading

Terrible product. Purchased two of these and lucky of o for a week out of them before they stopped oscillating. Looking at the reviews they are guaranteed to do this by the one month mark. The fact the company hasn’t fixed the issue and is still continuing to sell these must be going against some consumer laws at this point. Don’t waste your money - buy another brand!

T.W. (Sydney, Australia)
Good in concept, very poor design / build / quality

As others mentioned, should have read this page first...
3 trips to Bunnings, 1 to buy, 1 one to exchange broken item, 1 to get refund and buy a better quality sprinkler.
Can't say if the sprinkler head works as didn't even get water to them.
In the initial 'sealed box, the left 'hinge' (with water inlet facing you) was missing so got a replacement. When assembling the second, the same hinge that was missing snapped off when twisting the spray head into the base (using very light pressure) - it is very weak and poorly designed.
Hint: don't waste your time with this one

Hi T.W, we're sorry you've been having trouble with the Oscillator. We've passed your comments on to our Product Development team to find a solution and address these concerns. Thank you.

Darren Grimes (Brisbane, Australia)

Should have come here and read the other reviews. Oscillates once, stops. Adjust, Oscillates once, stops... repeat. Another trip back with a faulty product.

Barbara (Melbourne, Australia)
Oscillating Sprinkler with no instruction manuals

One star because I can NOT find any instruction manuals anywhere. Only a video of it working. I just want to know how to adjust it. Bought last year, but now needs adjusting and . I hate wasting my time fiddling with things to no avail.

Christopher Fitzpatrick
GREAT product!

I LOVE this sprinkler! I've had it for years and used it in a number of shapes and flow rate. It has NEVER failed to perform well. even after leaving it sitting in the sun for months!
Would thoroughly recommend it!

Brett Mansfield (Melbourne, Australia)
Poor product, don't waste your money

Oscillating function never worked.

Hi Brett, thank you for leaving a review. I'm sorry to hear you've had a frustrating experience with the oscillator. It certainly sounds like you have a faulty unit. Please get in touch with our support team support@holmanindustries.com.au and they can assist you with further troubleshooting.

M.D. (Bendigo, Australia)
Good in theory, crap quality! Should not be sold.

How is this thing allowed to even be sold!!! Stops working after only a few days. Had to give it 1 star as you cannot select no stars. After 2 Holman purchases, I will never buy a Holman product again. Both products lasted long enough to demonstrate how they should work and then became an expensive piece of garbage, literally.

Anthony Powell (Canberra, Australia)
Ideal in concept - poor in execution

Like many other, this sprinkler would have been great for a rectangular section of garden - unfortunately ithe two I purchased stopped working after a short period of time. Very disapointed.

Rick Lavender (Melbourne, Australia)
Stopped working

I loved this sprinkler, really loved it. It was perfect for us then it stopped working after two weeks. So sad Upgraded to the competitors equivalent model

Colin W. (Sydney, Australia)
looks good, does not ever work, won't oscillate.

this should be withdrawn until it has been modified to work.

with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

  • 360m² max rectangular coverage
  • 30 × 12m max coverage area
  • Ideal for LARGE lawns
  • Adjustable spray angle
  • Variable area control, W + L
  • Internal Weights for solid base
  • 12mm Snap-On Double O-Ring Connection
  • Sprinkler 15mm BSP Female Head

With Interchangeable Head + Base

  • Model number: 7180H
  • Product dimensions: 190 × 120 × 190mm
  • Package dimensions: 95 × 190 × 210mm
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flow rate at 400kPa: 9.6L/min