Travelling Sprinkler Motor Assembly Kit Spare Part

Replace your motor and back wheels for the travelling sprinkler 7700h with this spare part (016782). All parts shipped from our Perth Office, Western Australia.


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Additional information
Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions200 × 240 × 200 mm



Customer Reviews

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Erik S. (Sydney, Australia)
Great support, excellent value.

Needed a replacement wheel for one of my 7700h sprinklers after I reversed my lawn tractor onto it and broke the wheel, and bent the axle. But the rest of the motor assembly was still good, surprisingly I could straighten the bent axle, but still needed a new wheel. The whole motor assembly was excellent value since it includes wheels, drive shaft and all of the parts that may eventually need replacement, so a far better way to go. Technical service was great as well.

Hermanus Erasmus (Sydney, Australia)
irrigation made easy

I have 2 of this Holman travelling sprinklers. It is so handy just the fact that I don't have to keep time and shift sprinklers. the motor assembly kit makes repairs a breaze, thank you ten out of ten

R.R. (Sydney, Australia)
Tractor Sprinkler Warranty

After contacting Holman about a transmission failure, N`Dene review my purchase history and supplied a new one. I had no idea on the purchase date but, trusted that I would be treated fairly and I was, the new transmission arrived today.

Russell Kelly (Melbourne, Australia)

I had a travelling sprinkler to some 30year and loved it until it broke this one broke after 3 years

Lothar Ziemke
Travelling Sprinkler Kit

Very prompt service can you tell me what pressure is needed to make it travel? I have a pump to accommodate 5taps but it's not enough to make the sprinkler travel.

Hi Lothar, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. The Travelling Sprinkler moves very slowly to ensure maximum coverage. If you could please review this video to ensure set-up is correct.

In the manual on the product page, there is a sprinkler flow rate to determine the pressure (page 7). Thank you, your Holman Team.

Wayne Weaire
Great service

Thank you for the replacement , and the timely delivery

Lindsay McColl (Brisbane, Australia)
Gear Box

Would alloy gears last longer.

Ian Strother
Motor assembly kits

Received the parts quickly once back in stock. It's good to have both travellers going again.

Suzie Jones (Hillwood, Australia)

Usually they work well, but this one is tight and won’t spin🥲

John Browne (Melbourne, Australia)
Sprinkler motor

Good postage easy to fit

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