Butterfly Sprinkler with Plastic Spike

The Plastic Butterfly Sprinkler on Spike is ready for use straight away and provides trouble-free operation. The sprinkler is best suited to landscapes where there is access to a garden hose. To install, just click directly into a hose connector and your ready to water. The maximum spray radius is equal to 5 metres. Great for covering all types of gardens and landscapes.

  • 75m² max circular coverage
  • ⌀10m (5m radius) throw
  • Ideal for SMALL lawns
  • Resist wind with high speed drops

Sprinkler Material: Plastic with Spike
  • 7003H Metal Butterfly Sprinkler with spike
  • SH2400 Metal Butterfly Sprinkler Head
  • 3014H Butterfly Sprinkler with Plastic Spike
  • SH2300 Plastic Butterfly Sprinkler Head
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Small Lawn

Sprinkler Material

Plastic with Spike





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