Large Shaker with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

The Large Shaker is designed to be used with low pressure systems. Even water distribution, large water drops and a max 5m throw radius has this sprinkler working perfectly on smaller lawns.

  • Perfect for smaller lawns!
  • Wind resistant droplets are gentler on delicate plants
  • UV resistant plastic, built for the harsh Aussie sun
  • Full circle spray pattern for even water distribution

Weighted Base Type: Large Shaker
  • 7160H--360-spinner-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7150H-large-shaker-with-heavy-duty-weighted-base
  • 7180H-Oscillating-Sprinkler-with-Heavy-Duty-Weighted-Base
  • 7170H-turbine-powered-gear-drive-sprinkler
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with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

  • 75m² max circular coverage
  • ⌀10m (5m radius) throw
  • Ideal for SMALL lawns
  • Resist wind with larger drops
  • Full Circle 360° Spray Pattern
  • Internal Weights for solid base
  • 12mm Snap-On Double O-Ring Connection
  • Sprinkler 15mm BSP Female Head

With Interchangeable Head + Base

  • Model number: 7150H
  • Product dimensions: 190 × 75 × 210mm
  • Package dimensions: 65 × 190 × 210mm
  • Weight: 0.34kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flow rate at 400kPa: 11.3L/min