Solid Metal Travelling Sprinkler

The Solid Metal Travelling Sprinkler is ideal for extra large lawns. It is built extra durable with a heavy duty cast iron body. Self propelled by a 2-speed gearbox, the front wheel travels the path of the garden hose which can be placed to follow any path you need. In total, the tractor can travel up to 60m, watering an area up to 1,100m².

  • Ideal for extra large lawns
  • Self propelled
  • Heavy duty cast iron body
  • Superior water distribution
  • Fits both 12mm and 18mm garden hoses
  • Travel distance up to 60m
  • Total spray coverage up to 1,100m²
  • Stationary full circle coverage of 4.5-13.5m diameter

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Additional information
Weight6.7 kg
Dimensions280 × 270 × 550 mm


Spare Parts

Spare Parts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
lee calvert (Brisbane, Australia)
Rubbish and doesn't work

Absolutely rubbish and doesn't work at all. I cannot believe you sell this dud and tell everybody they didn't put the bits together right. not buy anything Holman honestly. Crap company with rubbish products and mo service.

Hi Lee, sorry to hear you're having trouble with the Travelling Sprinkler. If you could please contact our customer service with further details at they will be able to help you further. Alternatively, visit our product page or the below link for our trouble shooting guide. Thank you.

Cameron Hutcheon (Brisbane, Australia)
Terrible brand

Absolute crap product. Spent hours trying to get this to work. Sprinkler did not spin. Tractor mechanism did not function. Absolutely disgraceful. Would not recommend any product from this brand. Your company needs a huge overhaul.

Hi Cameron, sorry to hear you're having a problem with our Travelling Sprinkler. Have you had a chance to look at our video tutorial on how to set this up? This may help troubleshoot why the sprinkler is not working:

If not please contact our customer service team at for further support.

The best

Now this is the best ever invention..I have 2. One works a treat, the other works but not as good. I love that my whole lawn gets watered without me having to go and move sprinklers around. It’s fantastic!!

Brett Edwards (Adelaide, Australia)
Great sprinkler but thirsty

My parents had one of these growing up so when it came time for me to look after my lawn I decided to get one.
It’s a great sprinkler and does a good job
But it does chew thru the water. I tried to find out how much water it uses but the manufacturer doesn’t state that kind of valuable info. So I stuck a water meter on the tap
It takes 1 hr to go from one end of the back lawn to the other end. And it chews up 1000L of water
Although this sprinkler does a great job and is kinda set and forget I think I need to find a more water efficient method of watering the lawn as in this day and age everything is all about how much water your using.

Jason Roberts (Brisbane, Australia)
The True Lawn Tractor

I purchased the Lawn Tractor, because it was a tractor and I love them. Then I realised how good it was with the lawn. Over a period of 12 months this tractor did around 300m per week, and I turned my grass into much needed lawn.
The water distribution is fantastic, speed selector is great as I could slow it down on the areas that I wanted a bit more water on.
I did find however that once a hose length exceeded 30m, it would struggle, but in its defence, it was having to zigzag through garden areas. 45m hose in 12mm is no problem in a straight run.
Second best part, spare parts
I had the big jigger bog in a big crack in the yard and I was a bit heavy handed on the gear box speed selector and ended up damaging a cog. I thought inwoyld pull it apart and give it a whirl. Before hand I checked for a spare parts list and low and behold, I could just buy a new drive assembly. Inside of 7 days , the bigbyravtor was back to work.
My only wish, being able to get them in your own colour with sticker kits. They do resemble the old FarmAll tractors, and mine is about to be painted Ferguson Red.

Richard Chomley (Melbourne, Australia)
unquestionable customer support

My tractor spinkler developed a fault in the gearbox but customer support immediately responded to my emails, provided exceptional assistance in trouble shooting the exact fault and provided replacement parts free of charge when the precise issue was isolated. I would recommend others use 12mm hose instead of 18mm hose for ultimate sprinkler longevity.

Gary Burgess (Acton Park, Australia)
Very solid .. great time saver

I used to be moving sprinklers and setting timers, now it's much easier with the Tractor. Just layout the hose (I use 50m of 12mm hose) and let it run for several hours .. and it turns off automatically. It's well worth the money - solid as :-) Perfect for a really large lawn.

Anne Faulks

I’ve used this sprinkler for just over 3 years now and I’m totally satisfied with its performance. We run on tank water with a pump not mains pressure and found the tractors performance and spread perfect for our needs. They are built like the proverbial you know what. Highly recommended. Cheers Ian.

Solid Metal Travelling Sprinkler

Superior watering for the superior lawn

Comes with 12mm and 18mm snap-on fittings

Self stopping ramp. Holds your sprinkler in place

Self propelled 2-speed gear box and neutral setting

7700H Travelling Sprinkler

Follows the path set out by your hose

For your own custom watering area! The sprinkler can travel up to 60m with a total coverage of 1100m².

  • Ideal for large lawns
  • 2-speed self propelled gear box
  • Heavy duty cast iron body
  • Superior water distribution
  • Fits both 12mm and 18mm garden hoses
  • Travel distance up to 60m
  • Total spray coverage up to 1,100m²
  • Stationary full circle coverage of 4.5-13.5m diameter