Hygro-Thermo Sensor for WS5070W & WS5091W

Add an additional hygro-thermo sensor to your Wi-Fi weather station range to gather more information in more locations. Simply add this sensor to your existing WS5070W or WS5091W Wi-Fi weather station and you will be able to read additional information. You can add up to 7 sensors with 7 channels available.

This hygro-thermo sensor suits WS5070W & WS5091W


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Dimensions65 × 50 × 115 mm

Customer Reviews

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Richard (Brisbane, Australia)
Works but Overpriced

Works fine. Pairs easily. Overpriced for what it is.

Steve (Melbourne, Australia)
How do you connect this thing?!

I cannot give this sensor a higher rating as it did not come with any instructions on how to connect it to the WS5070W. Nor is there any instruction in the weather station’s manual. So it’s useless to me.

Hi Steve, if you could please contact our customer service team at support@holmanindustries.com.au they will be able to instruct you on how to connect the two. Thank you, Holman Team

Philip Wyatt (Gold Coast, Australia)
Purchased Thermo sensors

Easy online purchase, quick delivery and product works well

Peter (Melbourne, Australia)
Great addition to my WS5070W

I recently added two of those sensors to my WS5070W unit and I'm really happy with the outcome. Combined with the main outdoor unit, they provide accurate readings from multiple locations on my property and a better understanding of what's happening there. The only problem is the lack of any documentation explaining how to add them to an existing weather station, neither supplied with the sensors, nor with the main unit. Luckily the procedure was easy to figure out: 1) assign a unique channel to each sensor using the slider in the battery compartment, 2) install the batteries, 3) press SENSOR/WiFi in the main unit, 4) press RESET on the sensor.

Jessica (Adelaide, Australia)
Easy to incorporate into my set up

Instructions would have been handy to be included in the box as to how to sync with my current set up but it was an easy process to google it and connecting the system to my current indoor display was very easy.

It would be nice if this additional sensor information was pushed to Weather underground so that I could see the information from the site and not just as an additional channel on my indoor display.

Overall its a great sensory and easy to set up.

John Collins (Sydney, Australia)

This unit is easy to set-up and install and a excellent addition to my system,

Colin Killian (Melbourne, Australia)

Sensor very useful to gauge temperatures in different parts of the house