Weather Whiz™ Wireless Weather Alarm

Monitor localised weather conditions with the Weather Whiz Wireless Weather Alarm. The large LCD indoor console displays six unique weather data points including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, sunrise and sunset, forecast, time and date and moon phases.

  • 6 x Weather Data Points
  • Advanced Time Functions
  • Outdoor and Indoor Temperature and Humidity Readings
  • Easily monitor Forecasting
  • Built-in Dual Alarm Clock

Weather Whiz Range: Weather Alarm
  • WS5001-weather-whiz-weather-station-cutout
  • WS5061-weather-whiz-wireless-weather-reader
  • WS5101-weather-whiz-wireless-weather-alarm
Additional information
Weight0.47 kg
Dimensions270 × 75 × 270 mm

Weather Whiz™ Wireless Weather Alarm

  • 6 x Weather Data Points
  • Indoor and Outdoor Temperature and Humidity
  • Comprehensive LCD Display showing weather data
  • Built-In Alarm Clock with dual function and 5 minute snooze
  • Wireless Connection from outdoor sensor to indoor display console

Wireless Weather Alarm Tech Specs

  • Six keys: MODE / + / – / HISTORY / SEARCH / SNOOZE / LIGHT
  • Time display: 12/24 format
  • Calendar: Continuous up to 2099, day, date, month
  • Alarm: Dual function with 5 minute snooze
  • Forecasting: Sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy
  • Barometer: 12hr history
  • Temperature: °C, °F, indoor and outdoor with trend
  • Temperature range: Inside: 0~50°C, Outside: -20~60°C
  • Humidity: %, indoor and outdoor
  • Moon: Phases with rise/set times
  • Sun: Rise/set times
  • Battery: indication Low indication
  • Batteries: (not included) Indoor: 3× AAA, LR03, 1.5V / Outdoor 2× AAA, LR03, 1.5V
  • Backlight: Blue LED
  • Sensor frequency: 433MHz with 3× channels
  • Transmission range: 50m without interference, at least 1m above ground