Foresight Colour Weather Analyst Weather Station

Track the weather for your home and backyard with a Foresight Colour Weather Station. The outdoor sensor wirelessly transmits data to your indoor LCD Display, allowing you to easily track temperature, humidity, and four other localised data points. Stay notified of any extreme weather conditions with the built-in dual alarm.

  • 6 x Weather Data Points
  • Advanced Time Functions
  • Outdoor and Indoor Readings
  • Colour LCD Display
  • Built-in Dual Alarm Clock

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Jim Weeks (Brisbane, Australia)

An ideal size and features for the home, easy to read with all the important information clearly displayed.

Max K (Sydney, Australia)
Awesome station

Got Foresight weather station as an upgrade (had Holman's iWeather for about 6 years and it is still going strong). But I am drawn to the colour display (can still operate of the batteries, but it to see the display you'll need to press the button at the top).
Can be operated plugged in as well. Works like a charm with an old sensor as well. Love their weather stations. The despatch was fast and received it in under 5 days (WA to the ACT). Very happy. 👍🏻

Jo Hansen (Woodend, Australia)
Love It!

I'm a weather geek and this provides the day to day information I like to have.

KW Smith (Cranebrook, Australia)
Customer assistance

Had some trouble changing the year on the start up but the lady I spoke to at Hollman was very helpful and patient with me . Thumbs Up

Colin McKenzie (Melbourne, Australia)
So Convenient

We had an earlier version of this unit, and weather finally got the better of the outside sensor after 9 years, so we purchased this new one. Very well priced, easy to set up, and we can easily tell when the outside temp. tops 45 degrees without going outside to get fried. Every home should have one.

KAREN PICKERING (Moorabbin, Australia)

My partner loved his Christmas present.

Colin Chidgey (Newcastle, Australia)
Accurate and useful

This weather station is accurate, very readable and we’re very happy with it. Holman’s service and advice was excellent.

Richard Donald (Melbourne, Australia)
Great Little Unit

This is a neat little monitoring unit with a nice colour display and has decent accuracy for my uses.

Peter Lloyd (Adelaide CBD, Australia)

Nice little unit. Would reccomend

David K. (Sydney, Australia)

Great product 👍

Foresight Colour Weather Analyst Weather Station

Foresight Colour Weather Analyst

  • 6 x Weather Data Points
  • Advanced Time Functions
  • Outdoor and Indoor Readings for Temperature and Humidity
  • COLOUR LCD Display showing weather data with backlight
  • Built-In Alarm Clock with snooze function and dual alarm

Tech Specs

  • Six keys: CLOCK/BELL / MAX/MIN/+ / – / BELL /  Wi-Fi / SNOOZE/LIGHT
  • Time display: 12/24 format
  • Calendar: Continuous up to 2099, day, date, month
  • Alarm: Dual function with 5 minute snooze
  • Forecasting: Sunny, partly sunny, overcast, rainy, heavy rain, snowy, heavy snow
  • Barometer: 12 hour history
  • Temperature: °C, °F, indoor and outdoor with trend, alert and freeze
  • Temperature range: Inside: 0~50°C, Outside: -20~60°C
  • Humidity: %, indoor and outdoor
  • Battery: indication Low indication
  • Batteries: (not included) Indoor: 2× AAA, LR03, 1.5V / Outdoor 2× AAA, LR03, 1.5V
  • Display: Colourful Backlight Illumination
  • Sensor frequency: 433MHz with 3× channels
  • Transmission range: 50m without interference, at least 1m above ground

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