CO1605 Automatic Digital Tap Timer
CO1605 Automatic Digital Tap Timer

Automatic Digital Tap Timer

The next generation of tap mounted automatic timers. This product provides easy to install and easy to use solutions for watering pots, hanging baskets, shrub areas, flower beds and small lawns. No plumber or electrician required. Battery operated and featuring low energy use with patented eco-friendly battery life monitoring and display.

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My tap timer makes a funny noise and does not open.

If that is the case please try the following recommended solutions:

  • If you are running a low pressure drip system, you need to install an Air Release Valve (102646) at the highest point of your system and above your drippers.
  • This breaks this the air in the drip line and allows to suck in air through the air release valve and prevents the drippers from blocking due to dirt.
    This also allows for the diaphragm to work properly.

Can I run this off a gravity-fed or low-pressure system?

  • This timer is not suitable for low pressure applications. It is designed for normal tap pressure 250kPa to 600kPa.

If I use my timer manually, will I need to re set my timer?

  • No. If you press the ON/MANUAL button, your timer will run for the duration set then turn off. This will not affect the program.

My timer shows it is watering but there is no water coming thru?

  • There may be an airlock in the system. Disconnect the timer and reset it. Flush your irrigation system before attaching to the timer again.

My timer will not turn off after the programmed run time?

  • Setting multiple start times or incorrect programming may have been entered.
  • When going thru the programming of your timer, you first set your current time and day.
  • Next is the run time, e.g. 20mins
  • Next is the days you wish to water, e.g. all 7 days.
  • Next is the start time, you can make the program you have already set, (every day, for 20 mins) come on up to 4 times per day, hence to 4 available start times.
  • Entering 7am in start 1 and 7pm in start 2 (with start 3 & 4 set to OFF) now means you have your water come on every day at 7am and again at 7pm and run for 20mins
  • You cannot enter a start time for each day individually.

Is my timer suitable for short-run drip or micro spray irrigation?

  • Yes, although a pressure reducer placed on the tap, before the timer is recommended. If only running a few drippers or sprayers, it is not suitable. Use the CO1603.

How do I reset my timer?

  • Simply remove the battery for 5-10 mins then reinsert. Your timer will be reset to default.

Is it OK to use my timer over winter?

  • We do not recommend the use of your timer over the winter period. It will not handle low temperatures, below 3 degrees Celsius may damage the timer. We advise the timer to be removed over the winter period, or allowed to drain if left on the tap.

Can I get spare parts for my timer?

  • Yes, some parts are available for this timer. For more information, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Graeme Stewart (Melbourne, Australia)
A Solution for a Difficult Access Garden Bed

I purchased two automatic digital timers to set up watering whilst on holidays. The holiday didn't happen due to Covid in the family but I have used one timer in an area where the tap is behind hedges. It is set to water once a week for 40 minutes and is working excellent. I had to get advice from Holman as to how to set the duration to less than an hour. Once that advice was received it was easy to set up, although you must read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly. I've suggested the instructions be amended to explain you must set the minutes on duration to a number before you can set the hour to zero. An excellent piece of equipment that is great value. I'll use the other unit when we next go on holidays.

D.M. (Adelaide, Australia)
Excellent Timer

Been using this timer for a few weeks now without any issues at all. Very easy to set up and use. Previously been using dearer timers, (other brands), that have been a complete waste. I fully recommend this timer.

David Booth (Melbourne, Australia)
Great little timer

Have been using timer for a few months and is so easy and hasn't
missed a beat. All controls are logical and uncomplicated.
Would recommend it as a simple weekly timer,is easy to override
to turn off or adding extra watering.

Barry Priest (Melbourne, Australia)
Great for automatic watering of garden when on holiday

I have just returned from a weeks holiday after leaving my recently planted vegetable garden in the care of the Holman Digital Tap Timer. The timer was set to commence watering every second day at 7.00am for a 30 minute duration. The Timer was connected to a garden hose and sprinkler and the whole system was tested prior to leaving home.
There were some very hot days during the week that I was away but I was very pleased with the condition of the plants when I arrived back home.
The Tap Timer is easy to setup, has many options and can be bypassed with the press of a button if extra watering is required between start times. I love this timer.

Toni (Richmond, Australia)
Great product

Great product and reasonably priced. I used this one as it give a longer time frame than the smaller timer. Would like to see a 2 hose outlet available.

They are great.

They are fantastic but I’ve had a couple stop working and I can’t find the receipt to get them checked out. Might have possibly got water in them when someone was looking after my garden.

Peter M Johnston (Sydney, Australia)
No battery included

Just bought this, and the list of features gives me the impression that the 9v battery is included, but on opening the package, there’s no battery, so looking closely at the list of features I see in tiny print “(NOT INCLUDED)” under “1 x 9V”… another example of dodgy marketing!

Hi Peter,

thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. Generally batteries are not provided with these products due to possible de-charging during transport which would cause a negative customer experience. I have forwarded your feedback to our design team and they will certainly have a look at this.

Alex B. (Brisbane, Australia)
Good performance but tricky set up

The Timer has worked well and allowed full control of watering. Initially I had problems resetting the duration hours to zero after firstly selecting an hours setting. The issue was resolved speedily by the Holman Support person but required having the minutes set to one or more but not zero, then going back to set the hours to zero.

  • Easy programming using 6 buttons & large LCD display with intuitive prompting
  • Up to 4 start times per day
  • Individual day selection with 7 day calendar
  • Watering duration selection 1min to 12hrs 59min
  • Automatic operation with manual over-ride
  • “OFF” position to stop watering immediately or to act as a delay after rain
  • Pressure Rating: 600kPa