EzyGrip Tap Timer

The Holman Outlet Mechanical Tap Timer fits to a standard garden tap and times the water flow to any garden hose or watering system connected. This timer allows you to have one individually timed outlet, as well as having unattended watering for a time less than 2 hours. Simply connect your hose or poly pipe irrigation system to the outlet.

The Selection Dial can be turned to any other position during a run time. Use to either increase or decrease the programmed time, or to change to a manual setting or to turn the timer off.

  • Do not use in freezing conditions
  • 3° min working temperature

Outlets: 1
  • CO0003 Ezy Grip Tap Timer
  • CO0013 Ezy Grip Dual Outlet Tap Timer
Available at Bunnings
Additional information
Weight0.18 kg
Dimensions115 × 85 × 60 mm


1. Screw inlet securely onto a garden tap.
2. Connect garden hose or poly pipe fittings to the outlet(s).
3. Turn the large dial to the required watering run time. (time starts to count down immediately)
4. Turn on the tap.

Warning: Do not use in freezing conditions.

Before winter or snow remove your timer from the tap to avoid the unit from freezing.



Pressure (kPa)Water Volume (LPM)


Preparing tap timers for winter

  • Be sure you check with your local water authorities for any sprinkler bans
  • We recommend either reducing the watering time or turning it off completely
  • In really cold climates, we suggest that you remove the battery and make sure there is no water left inside the tap timer
  • If you live in an area that gets frost, we recommend taking off the tap timer completely and storing it away for the meantime

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John Braithwaite (Melbourne, Australia)
Tap timer

Looks good but dial fell off at first use.Can not reattach.Now useless.

Cliff Russell (Brisbane, Australia)
Absolute garbage

Top tap fitting broke off after 3 weeks & flooded the yard. Seems to be the norm that this product breaks easily & Bunnings should take this garbage off the shelf. If your not convinced look at the reviews on the Bunnings Web site.

Aust (Adelaide, Australia)
Ok timer

Great timer but I have to replace them every 6 months as they split around the tap fitting , I think its due to pressure and was wondering if in installing then wrong but just checked the specs and I'm doing it right

A.M. (Sydney, Australia)
Great little thing, easy to use

I have had two of these timers running every evening for well over three years and never had an issue. They stop when I set them to stop. Great product

James Price (Perth, Australia)
Won’t shut off

First or second use and will not shut off. Stuck in manual.

Hi James, sorry that your EzyGrip Tap Timer is not working. Try gently turning the knob in both directions to see if it loosens. If it remains stuck, there might be internal damage, and you may need to replace the timer. Please contact our Customer Service Team at support@holmanindustries.com.au for further support. Thank you, Holman Team

N.M. (Adelaide, Australia)
Not great quality

Worked well for a few weeks before the back blew out.

Abdul (Melbourne, Australia)
Timer Knob fallen off

Not happy with the product. The knob has fallen off after only been used for less than 6 months.

Abdul (Melbourne, Australia)
Timer Knob fallen off

The plastic knob fallen off. Seems to be a common issue. Not happy, it didn't even last 6 months.

Livia (Melbourne, Australia)
Fell to pieces after a few weeks

The plastic knob fell off this timer after just a few weeks. I cannot get the knob back on, not that shoud have to! This is hopeless quality. Why would I buy a Holman product again?

Hi Livia, I'm sorry you're having a problem with the face on our tap timer. Please forward your photo to our customer service team at support@holmanindustries.com.au for further support. Thank you.

Jeremy B (Melbourne, Australia)
Great manual timer

Great manual timer that does the job. Perfect for leaving the sprinkler on the grass for a period of time. My timer is in the elements and still functions well. Plastic has faded and sticker come off but still works well.