QuikDial™ Dual Outlet Tap Timer

All new 2023 QuikDial with new programming and features has arrived!
Upgrade your home watering with the Holman QuikDial™ Dual Outlet Tap Timer. The dual outlet model allows for quick and easy scheduling of four different zones from a single garden tap. With 4x starts available you can easily program different watering schedules which can be applied to any of the outlets. Include more than one outlet to a start and they will each water sequentially!

  • Simple quick dials
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Turn one garden tap into four
  • 4 unique Starts (watering schedules which can include any of the outlets)
  • 7-day calendar selection
  • Watering times of 1-99mins
  • Max flow rate of 25L/min
  • Manual and automatic watering
  • Do not use in freezing conditions
  • 3° min working temperature

Outlets: 2
  • CO6002-DSC04636-QuikDial-Dual-Outlet-cutout
  • CO6004-DSC04638-Quikdial-Four-Outlet-Cutout
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Barcode: 9319841521119
Additional information
Weight.424 kg
Dimensions154 × 55 × 125 mm


Colour (Tap Timer)Grey
Water Pressure30kPa – 1200kPa
Water Flow25L/min
Auto Shut OffYes
Battery Back-UpYes
Digital DisplayYes
Hose-End CompatibleYes
Manual BypassYes
Maximum Cycle Time (min)30
Number of Zones2
Odd/Even Day ProgramNo
Batteries Required2 x AA


What is ‘no watering’ mode and how can I toggle it on and off?

The ‘no watering’ mode on your QuikDial Tap Timer stops any automated programs you have in place, while still allowing manual programming of the Tap Timer. This can be beneficial in the winter months to save on water usage.


Toggle ON/OFF

  • Press the main dial down for three seconds
  • The ‘no watering’ icon will appear and stop your automated watering programs
  • When you want to turn it back on, press the main dial down for three seconds
  • The ‘no watering’ icon will disappear, and your automated watering programming will continue

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Preparing tap timers for winter

  • Be sure you check with your local water authorities for any sprinkler bans
  • We recommend either reducing the watering time or turning it off completely
  • In really cold climates, we suggest that you remove the battery and make sure there is no water left inside the tap timer
  • If you live in an area that gets frost, we recommend taking off the tap timer completely and storing it away for the meantime

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
G.D. (Melbourne, Australia)
Initial problems were sorted ouit by Holman, now I love it.

I have read many of the other reviews and decided to reply with my own. I was unlucky enough to get two broken sets from Bunnings (the first plus the replacement). After phoning Holman each time, they sent me one they had personally tested and suddenly the set up was easy and successful. I have been using it for a while now, set and forget. The manual watering is very handy too, especially for checking the water flow etc. If you have problems, phone Holman. By the way, I don't work for Holman; I am a sincere customer. I also use their WX2 in the greenhouse.

Paul (Sydney, Australia)
Worst timer ever

-5 stars for this product. It is going back to Bunnings tomorrow.
I’ve been using various timers for 20+ years over multiple properties and have never seen a timer as convoluted as this to use - and I still can’t get it to work.
Give this timer a big big miss!

Graham Hill (Melbourne, Australia)
QuickDial Dual Outlet Tap Timer

No stars is more like it. Unable to program it, impossible to follow the instructions without it flashing an error message. Have use Holman products before, no problems, but this one is a nightmare. I have returned it to Bunnings.

Vicky (Sydney, Australia)
1 star is over rated!

From the time you put the batteries in, the system is broken. It is impossible to even set the time! The screen continually flashes. The "new and improved" instructions are useless. Avoid!

E.M. (Perth, Australia)
most complicated timer i have ever had to work out

i have never had trouble with previous timers, this is a nightmare,
Absolutely hate it.

Shit Instructions

I've been doing landscaping and irrigation for over 20 years and decided to give the Holman 2 way and 4 way timers a go. Never in my life have I not been able to set a timer up. The instructions are worthless and can't find a video on how to set them.

Taking them back Bunnings to get a better timer.

Unfortunately the lowest score I can give is a 1 star because if there was a minus 5 star this product would get it. I can see that 42% of customers give it a 1 star rating.

Holman, if you really care about your products fix your crap instructions immediately.

Will never use them again as you have simply embarrassed me in front of my clients let alone the 2-3 hours of trying to set the f***ing thing.

Colin (Adelaide, Australia)
Tap fitting assembly very poor

The tap fitting as shown in the picture screws into the barrel union below it which houses the filter. There is far too much clearance between the threaded parts so that with only four threads deep there is very little thread connection to hold it together. After screwing it tightly together it ran for less than an hour before literally falling apart. I re-assembled it using lots of threadtape to fill in the voids between the threads. That held for almost two months. I contacted Holmans and they couldn't (or wouldn't) understand the problem, suggestion I may need to fit a pressure reducer. But it's supposed to take up to 1200kPa pressure. Currently I've assembled it again with thicker gas tape, but may need to look at glueing it together permanently.

David Dewar (Adelaide, Australia)
Reliable Unit

I have used the dual tap timer for some 7 years with excellent reliability.
It does take some time to learn how to program the unit, but the unit works well. It has finally stopped operating the water release valve (despite the electronics still working) so I am replacing it with the latest Holman dual tap timer.

Steve Lowe (Perth, Australia)
easy as childs play no chance

what an absolute waste of my time easy to programme no chance
spent an hour trying and still not working am returning it today
manuals are just terrible

Rhonda Korda (Melbourne, Australia)
Programming nightmare

I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing this product!
Three family members have attempted to follow the instructions for setting up this timer and each of us has had zero success.
I have looked for the new and improved manual on the website however it looks like the same old instructions.
Now I have the inconvenience of having to uninstall the timer, drive back to Bunnings and face the pre Xmas rush to get a refund and replacement product and then reinstall a new one. Pretty angry!

Holman QuikDial Logo Grey

The QuikDial Tap Timers have a simple and intuitive setup system that is quickly completed in 5 steps.

Simply turn the dial and press to confirm your selection or press the ON/OFF for manual watering.

CO6002 Packaging Cutout 2022 v1

Package Contents:

  • 1x QuikDial™ Dual Outlet Tap Timer
  • 1x 20mm/25mm BSP Tap Fitting
  • 1x Tap Connection Locking Nut
  • 2x 12mm Snap-on Hose Connector

Tech Specs:

  • Requires 2x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Working pressure: 30-1200kpa
  • Flow rate: 25L/min
  • Working temp: 3º-5ºC
  • Zones: 2