CO1601 2 Dial Tap Timer
CO1601 2 Dial Tap Timer
CO1601 2 Dial Tap Timer

2 Dial Tap Timer

This 2 Dial Tap Timer provides easy to install and easy to use solutions for watering pots, hanging baskets, shrub areas, flower beds and small lawns. No plumber or electrician required. Battery operated and featuring low energy use with patented eco-friendly battery life monitoring and display.

  • Automatic interval timer
  • 240min max run time
  • Low battery indicator
  • Up to 4x starts per day
  • Requires 1x 9v alkaline battery

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions80 × 90 × 160 mm




My tap timer makes a funny noise and does not open

  • If you are running a low-pressure drip system, you need to install an Air Release Valve (102646) at the highest point of your system and above your drippers.
  • This breaks this the air in the drip line and allows to suck in air through the air release valve and prevents the drippers from blocking due to dirt.
  • This also allows for the diaphragm to work properly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
D.M. (Adelaide, Australia)
Works Well

Purchased this timer to replace another brand that was much more expensive. Been using this for sum time now with absolutely no issues at all. Very easy to set up.

J Perks (Findon, Australia)
Working well

I've been using one of these outdoors for several months and it works as it is meant to. Reliable and economical device.

Kim Adams (Melbourne, Australia)

Doeant reliably turn on. Doesnt reliably turn off. Sonce those are the only two things a timer needs to do this product is absolutely worthless. Have tried new batteries and reprogramming etc etc for months. It simply doesnt work.

Hi Kim, thank you for leaving a review and we are sorry that you are having troubles with your tap timer. This sounds like it is a faulty product, if you can please get in touch with our customer service team so they can assist you with further troubleshooting.

Debbie Robison (Sydney, Australia)
You’ll need to buy a 9v battery

It would have been super helpful to know I needed to buy a battery. Not displayed anywhere on the packaging so can’t try it until I go back to Bunnings to buy one.

Hi Debbie, thank you for leaving your review. We are sorry that you missed the information regarding the battery. We do have a symbol on the packaging stating that the 9V battery is not included, however, we will make a note to ensure this information is more clear on our packaging in the future. We will also update our current product description to include this information as well. We apologise for the inconvenience but hope that you are able to use your tap timer shortly.

Eric G. (Canberra, Australia)
Great customer service!!!!

Very friendly customer service (Krys) !!!

Solved my problem and really cares about the customer experience

Sean Borgardt (Adelaide, Australia)

I have done a lot of cash jobs for irrigation setups for customers and have used around 8 of these and haven't had an issue as yet with any. Very easy to setup and are really easy to show the customer how they work and run.

Customer (Coburg, Australia)
Absolute rubbish, don't bother buying

Avoid this product, works for the first cycle and then won't turn off on 2nd cycle. There are loads of reviews online saying the same thing, and also that Holeman have acknowledged the issue and done nothing about it. Don't waste your time, money and water on this terrible product

David Wade (Sydney, Australia)
Works well then doesn't.

Simple and easy to use, although the battery change is fiddly. Stopped working after 18months. Will not buy again.

Chris Smith (Doncaster East, Australia)
battery wiring needs a design re-think

The battery wiring needs a design re-think. When I went to change batteries, I ended up pulling out (and therefore ruining) the wires that are attached to the battery. It is so fiddly and the wires are quite thin and if you pull on them with any sort of force, (which is easy to do in error) when changing the battery, its broken forever. This is my second Holman timer (the previous one stopped working, not sure why) so have to have a think if I persist with this type of product and Holman products in future. When it worked it was fantastic.

casey (Melbourne, Australia)
A consumable item

Works really well until it doesn’t. I got 2 years out of it before it jammed up, the mechanism all of a sudden only opens enough to allow a slow drip through and there is no way to get inside for any repair or maintenance attempt. Not worth trying to get a warranty on either.

  • Simple 3 step programming
  • Automatic and manual operations
  • Rain Off position holds programs
  • Battery life indicator (flashing LED)
  • Rated to 600kpa for reliable operation
  • Powered by a 9V battery system for long life (Not included)