4-Pin 3-Way Expansion Tee

Easily cover two areas of your garden with one RGB Colour lighting system by utilising our 4‑Pin Expansion Tee.

  • Expand system in two directions
  • 4‑Pin Plug + Socket Connection
  • IP67 water and dust protection
  • No electrician required

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RGB Colour
4‑Pin Plug and Socket

Installation is simple with our modular 4‑Pin Plug and Socket cable system. The connections are DIY friendly with no electrician required, and are backed by IP67 water and dust protection.

Step 1


Our RGB Colour Garden Light Controllers are available in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® models. Wi‑Fi is controlled with Holman Home and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Bluetooth® has a 20m control range and a more secure connection controlled with iGardener™.

Step 2

Garden Lights

Mix and match different lighting styles for every part of your garden, be it your decking, the path or even the pond.

Step 3

Cables and Connectors

Choose the right cable length between your garden and controller, and the right connectors needed to attach your Garden Lights.

access your wifi garden light controller anywhere in the world Holman Home Internet Connection Home Wi-Fi HOLMAN Smartphone App 20m Range HOLMAN Smartphone App iGardener™


4-Pin 3-Way Expansion Tee
  • 1× 4‑Pin Expansion Tee
RGB Colour Expansion Tee
  • Connection type: 4‑Pin Plug + Socket
  • Product dimensions: W200 × H30 × L100mmm
  • Weight: 0.162kg
  • Protection rating: IP67
  • Housing: Plastic with rubber seals