EzyOneMini 6 Station Indoor Irrigation Controller

The EzyOneMini is a 6 station Indoor Irrigation Controller. Take full control of up to 6 stations with an easy to ready Digital LCD Display. Easy to program with 3 starts per station, seasonal adjustment and a 7 day scheduled watering. This controller can be programmed to meet water restrictions, so you can take the worry out of watering.

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Solenoid Set Up Diagram

Solenoid Set Up Diagram

To retrofit existing solenoids, first remove the cabling.


Customer Reviews

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Paul Lagon (Brisbane, Australia)
Probably the most unreliable controller

I have had a variety of controllers in the past , Irratrol, Torro, Rain Bird etc and I can honestly say that this will be the last time I buy a Holman controller. It is fiddley to program and the display is quite small. It does not retain any changes to start times, it defaults to previous memories of both current time and start times, then for no reason goes back to factory defaults. I have tried a replacement power pack, new batteries and loads and loads of patience. Basically a waste of time, money and patience

Customer (Perth, Australia)
Set up of of EzyOneMini 6

This little unit was so easy to programme, didn't even need to refer to the instructions. Much easier than the previous Holman I had.

Hi Carmel, thank you for your feedback. Glad to hear the set up for easier! Let us know should you need help. Thank you, Holman Team.

Warren Stephens (Adelaide, Australia)
Great until out of warranty

This controller was great for the first 2 years now just turned 3 years old switches on the watering stations even when switched to the off position and ran 1 station all night last night wasting hundreds of litres of water. Not Impressed with this product

Hi Warren, if you could please contact our Customer Service at support@holmanindustries.com.au. We will be able to walk through troubleshooting steps with you to see what is causing this problem. Thank you, Holman Team

Customer (Sydney, Australia)
Great product

Great product, simple to run, Holman Support Team fantastic, helped heaps on small technical problem which was my issue not theirs. Great program for people who want to water different areas one after another!

Yvonne Peterson (Melbourne, Australia)
Easy set up, cheap irrigation system

The EzyOneMini 6 Station was so simple to set up and very cheap for the number of stations and run times available. Great after sales service too! (Purchased at Bunnings)


  • Control up to 6 valves – manually and with schedules, with up to 3 start times per station
  • Long run times – up to 255mins (4hr 15min) in 1 min increments
  • 7 day watering – individual 7 day selection per start time
  • Water saver feature – allows quick adjustment of station run times by percentage
  • Permanent memory – maintains programs without power
  • Requires 9V Battery – to retain clock accuracy during power outages and allows programming without AS power
  • Menu functions
    • Run a start
    • Run a single station
    • OFF position stops automatic watering
  • Pump or Master valve input is standard
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Safe 24v AC Plug Pack – safe install
  • Program to meet water restrictions
EzyOneMini 6 Zone Indoor Irrigation Controller