EzyOneMini 6 Station Indoor Irrigation Controller

The EzyOneMini is a 6 station Indoor Irrigation Controller. Take full control of up to 6 stations with an easy to ready Digital LCD Display. Easy to program with 3 starts per station, seasonal adjustment and a 7 day scheduled watering. This controller can be programmed to meet water restrictions, so you can take the worry out of watering.

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Solenoid Set Up Diagram

Solenoid Set Up Diagram

To retrofit existing solenoids, first remove the cabling.


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  • Control up to 6 valves – manually and with schedules, with up to 3 start times per station
  • Long run times – up to 255mins (4hr 15min) in 1 min increments
  • 7 day watering – individual 7 day selection per start time
  • Water saver feature – allows quick adjustment of station run times by percentage
  • Permanent memory – maintains programs without power
  • Requires 9V Battery – to retain clock accuracy during power outages and allows programming without AS power
  • Menu functions
    • Run a start
    • Run a single station
    • OFF position stops automatic watering
  • Pump or Master valve input is standard
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Safe 24v AC Plug Pack – safe install
  • Program to meet water restrictions
EzyOneMini 6 Zone Indoor Irrigation Controller