13mm Saddle Clamp (Beige)

Use these saddle clamps to attach poly pipe to fences and walls to keep your irrigation system neat and tidy. They can be nailed, screwed or riveted to most surfaces.

  • Suits patio style irrigation
  • Beige coloured poly fitting

Beige Fitting Type: Saddle Clamp
  • MBE13BE 13mm Beige Barbed Elbow
  • MBP13BE 13mm Barbed End Plug (Beige)
  • MBJ13BE 13mm Barbed Joiner (Beige)
  • MBT13BE 13mm Beige Barbed Tee
  • MBR13BE5 13mm Ratchet Clamp (Beige)
  • MPP4BE 4mm Micro Repair Plug (Beige)
  • MBS13BE5 13mm Saddle Clamp (Beige)
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