Metal Spike with 19mm Barbed Elbow

This spike is best suited for use in garden beds or landscaped areas. The elbow shape allows the spike to be installed at the end of a length of poly pipe and pushed directly into the soil. Featuring a barbed end, this spike design is able to be set up in minutes, by simply pushing on the poly pipe & clamping with a ratchet clamp. The spikes are supplied “without” spray heads so you are able to attach the style that best suits your watering requirements.

The Elbow Spike is ideal for branching off from a mainline or terminating an inline section of poly pipe as it runs through a garden bed. Use to branch off to water trees & shrubs for large landscaped areas.

Pop up sprinklers are also a good option! It’s very common for a sprinkler to have a female 1/2″ thread and they can screw directly onto the spike. These also offer a neat solution with the nozzle protected inside the sprinkler cannister.

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