13mm Barbed Tee (Beige)

A barbed tee fitting is an essential part used in building a poly pipe irrigation system. Use to branch off or go around corners keeping your pipe work neat & tidy without any kinks.

  • Key component in apoly pipe irriragtion system
  • Coloured part to suit standard outdoor structures ie:patios
  • Sharp barbed end to seal water path inside poly pipe
  • Use to branch off in another direction, avoiding bending or kinking poly pipe

Beige Fitting Type: Barbed Tee
  • MBE13BE 13mm Beige Barbed Elbow
  • MBP13BE 13mm Barbed End Plug (Beige)
  • MBJ13BE 13mm Barbed Joiner (Beige)
  • MBT13BE 13mm Beige Barbed Tee
  • MBR13BE5 13mm Ratchet Clamp (Beige)
  • MPP4BE 4mm Micro Repair Plug (Beige)
  • MBS13BE5 13mm Saddle Clamp (Beige)
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Dimensions40 × 12 × 65 mm