4mm x 25m Riser Tube

4mm Riser Tube is ideal for connecting 4mm micro irrigation from the main supply line. The low density polyethylene (LDPE) material provides a strong, reliable grip onto 4mm THREADED fittings.

Riser tube is predominately used to run from the main poly pipe water supply line, vertically up an irrigation stake to mount either a micro jet or micro spray. The rigid material helps keep these sprays in place. Create a micro irrigation system to run and throughout your garden beds. The connection between the rigid tube & the 4mm fitting, is most important.

This connection MUST be THREADED. The 4mm thread bites into the rigid tube to connect. A 4mm barb CANNOT be used.

Length: 25m
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Weight0.33 kg
Dimensions175 × 52 × 175 mm