Metal Spike 12mm Snap On

This spike is best suited for use in garden beds, areas where a hose is used to reach remote watering (eg: under a tree) or can be pushed directly into lawns areas. Featuring a quick release 12mm snap on male connection, this spike design is able to be set up in minutes. The spikes are supplied “without” spray heads so you are able to attach the style that best suits your watering requirements. The 1/2″ outlet offers a variety of different sprinklers or pop ups to be connected.

Metal Spike Connection: 12mm Snap On
  • 7016H Metal Spike Elbow 12mm
  • 7012H Spike Elbow 13mm
  • 7014H Metal Spike Tee 13mm
  • 7015H Metal Spike Tee 19mm
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Weight0.11 kg
Dimensions175 × 55 × 30 mm