Inline Flushing Valve

In line drip systems are comprised of lots of small outlets that must be kept free of any blockages. This is done by including two components within your system: i) an inline filter and ii) a Flushing valve.

The flushing valve purges out an amount of water every time the drip system is started up. This ensures that any build-up of grit & debris is removed from the system and is flushed out. The flushing valve must be installed at the lowest point of both the feed and collection manifolds.

The valve requires a minimum pressure of 7 meters (70kPa) to close off the water flow. If a flushing valve is fitted, the system is likely to drain until empty. The BEST option for flushing a low pressure system is to use a manually operated valve. This way your able to flush out any debris & ensure the system is fully closed off manually.

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19mm to 25mm Fitting Size




Installation: To install a flushing valve, ensure you have at the end of your mainline a 19mm x 1/2โ€ณ BSP female iron ELBOW, you may need to have more than one based on the shape of the landscape. The flushing valve must be installed at the lowest point(s) within the drip system and ideally in a valve box or an easily accessable location. It is NOT recommended to use a flushing valve for a gravity feed low pressure irrigation system.


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