25m Misting Kit with SwapLock® Fittings and Tap Timer

The 25 Metre Misting Kit with SwapLock® interchangeable fittings gives you everything you need to set up your Misting System and escape the heat, including a specialised digital misting Tap Timer. The installation is super easy so you do not need to be a handyman to transform your patio area to a great entertainment area during the hot summer months.

Please avoid installing your misting kit in direct sunlight. This may cause the tube to go brittle over time. We recommend installing underneath your patio or entertaining areas.

  • The kit comes complete with everything needed to set up an excellent 25m misting system including a specialised misting tap timer
  • Keeps areas and plants cool during hot summer days
  • Featuring SwapLock® interchangeable fittings
  • Fully expandable system

* Ensure that only potable (drinking quality) water is used for your misting system. After each use, it is strongly recommended to drain the system of any residual water that may have been remaining in the misting tube. As the tube is exposed to warm temperatures, these steps will help avoid the possible risk of exposure to respiratory and water-borne bacteria. Our Misting Kits are equipped with an Auto Drain Valve that will automatically dump unused water. Ensure this is correctly installed into your system.

Please Note: SwapLock® Misting Systems are only compatible with misting parts & Expansion Kits from the SwapLock® range.

Colour: Charcoal
  • Charcoal
Misting Kit Size: 25m
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Misting Kit Size






Water use per hour: 2L P/H for each nozzle
Nozzle Size: 0.2mm
Hose Size: 7mm

How long can I run the Misting Kit for?

  • We recommend that you do not run the Misting Kit for more than 5 minutes to avoid dripping.

Where do I place the filter if I am using the Misting Kit with a Tap Timer?

  • If connecting to a Tap Timer, place the filter underneath the Tap Timer.

Does the Misting Kit work better with low pressure, or high pressure water?

  • The Misting Kit works better under high pressure. The higher the pressure the finer the mist will be. We do not recommend using with a pressure reducer.

Can I attach the Misting Kit directly to a hose?

  • Yes, if connecting to a hose, please connect using a sprinkler adaptor.

 Where do I put the Auto Drain Valve?

  • This Misting Kit comes with 5 ‘T’ pieces and 1 end piece. Place the Auto Drain Valve into a ‘T’, and the last jet goes connects to the end piece. Make sure to place it at the end of the system, not inline.

How far apart should I space the Misting Jets?

  • The optimum spacing between jets is 600mm to 1m.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Customer (Adelaide, Australia)
Brass misting nozzels faulty

Love the kit but disappointed about 5 of the brass misting nozzels are not working. Had to spend more money and buy the expansion kit to get more nozzels. We are still one down but refuse to pay another $15 for another expansion kit. Not good enough!

Hello, sorry to hear the brass nozzles are not working! If you could please contact our Customer Service Team at support@holmanindustries.com.au for further troubleshooting, we may be able to resolve this issue. Thank you, your Holman Team.

Adam (Adelaide, Australia)
Brass misting nozzles shoot out

The brass misting nozzles keep shooting out when we turn on the water! Got to keep our birds cool but now I have to worry about shooting them off the perch!

Hi Adam, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Rebecca from our R&D team has reached out to you directly to solve this problem, if you could please respond we can troubleshoot this problem further and find a solution! Thank you, Holman Team.

SwapLock® Misting Fittings are the ultimate solution for a flexible misting system. Internal teeth ensure a secure fit, and  the unique locking system allows the hose and fittings to be disconnected and reused in different configurations.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Digital Misting Tap Timer
  • 1× 20/25mm BSP Reducer
  • 1× 20mm BSP Misting Filter
  • 1× 20mm BSP–7mm SwapLock® Tap Adaptor
  • 15× 7mm SwapLock® Tees
  • 3× 7mm SwapLock® Elbows
  • 15× 7mm SwapLock® Brass Jets
  • 1× 7mm SwapLock® Brass Auto Drain Valve
  • 25× 10mm Masonry Clips
  • 25m  7mm Misting Tube