25 Metre Misting Kit with Tap Timer

The Holman 25m Misting Kit with Misting Tap Timer has been specifically designed for hot Australian summers. It’s perfect to cool down patios, recreation and pet areas. The included Misting Tap Timer is easy to install and can be set up with multiple start times, with a delay function.

Ideal for watering greenhouses as it projects a super fine spray that does not damage plants or seedlings. Set it up with the Misting Tap Timer for automatic watering! Holman’s Misting Systems are fully expandable if you are looking for an infinite solution for cooling down entertainment areas.

  • Kit comes complete with everything needed to set up an excellent misting system
  • Keeps areas and plants cool during hot summer days
  • Misting Tap Timer included with a 7 day automatic watering schedule
  • Fully expandable system

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