QuikMix™ Spray Gun 1L Dilution Bottle

Efficiently spray additives onto your lawn, garden and plants with the Holman QuikMix™ Spray Gun. Use the additional 1L bottle for longer spray times. With 8 different levels of dilution, the QuikMix™ adjusts the amount of water mixing with your chosen additive.

  • 1L mixing tank
  • Suitable for herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers/li>
  • 8 dilution levels
  • Connects to QuikMix Spray Gun
  • QuikMix Spray Gun not included

* We recommend following the mixing instructions on your chosen herbicide, pesticide or fertiliser along with our flow rate chart.

QuikMix™ Range: QuikMix™ Spray Gun 1L Dilution Bottle
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QuikMix™ Range

QuikMix™ Spray Gun 1L Dilution Bottle





Step 1: Calculate the additive

Follow the instructions on your chosen herbicide, fertiliser or pesticide label to calculate the correct ratio of your additive.

Step 2: Fill the QuikMix™ bottle to 1L

Fill the QuikMix™ bottle with your additive. If you are using a concentrate, follow the directions on the additive’s label, you may need to dilute the remainder of the 1L bottle with water before use.

Step 3: Apply the mix

Use our chart to choose from the 8 different dilution levels to mix your additive with the steady water flow. Spray evenly across your lawn or garden.

QuikMix Flow Rate

QuikMix™ dilution level chart

Easily select from 8 dilution levels to fit your needs. Use our chart to calculate the setting required for your own brand of additive.

  1. Let’s say your product label specifies to dilute 30mL of the product into 9.5L of water.
  2. Add 30mL of the product to your QuikMix™ Spray Gun bottle, then fill the remainder of the 1L bottle with water.
  3. Turn your dial to position 5.
  4. Spray additive evenly across lawn or garden for 4min 23 seconds – this represents 9L of the solution being used.