Heavy Duty 8 Function Spray Gun with Thumb Flow Control

This Heavy Duty 8 Function Spray Gun with Thumb Flow Control features durable metal parts, flow control, an adjustable nozzle and 8 different spray functions. This Spray Gun is easy to use with its one hand flow control, allowing you to adjust the amount of water being delivered as you are watering, or before you press the trigger. The one-hand self closing trigger allows you to stop watering when you need, saving more water in the long run! This Spray Gun has 8 different functions, including a unique bucket filling function. This is a sturdy easy to use functional gun that will make watering a pleasure.

  • Spray options: Horizontal Sweep, Vertical Sweep, Shower, Cone, Centre, Mist, Jet, and Full
  • Carbon fibre grip
  • Durable metal parts
  • Multi function spray head
  • Water saving self-closing trigger
  • Easy thumb flow control
  • Double o-ring connector

Gun Type: Multi Function Gun
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Spray Pistol with Thumb Control
  • Heavy Duty 8 Function Spray Gun with Thumb Flow Control
Available at Bunnings
Additional information
Weight0.360 kg
Dimensions140 × 63 × 165 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve (Adelaide, Australia)
Best hand sprayer ever except hard to purchase.

Hand sprayers last about 12 - 18 months for me and then leak around the nozzle or trigger or both.
I found the Holman HD Thumb sprayer at Bunnings one day and bought one to try. Best hand sprayer I have ever used. Thumb trigger is smooth and easy to operate. Construction is solid and feels good in your hand. Nozzle operation is positive and so far, has been reliable.
What is the problem with this sprayer? Bunnings don't seem to stock it any longer in my area anyway. I wanted to buy some for my daughter as she is an avid gardener and would appreciate this superb hand sprayer.

Bernie Greenthumb (Perth, Australia)
New 8 setting watering gun c/w flow control

Positive dial rotation and flow control.
Could have incorporated a hanging hook into the handle but good product.