Ergonomic Twin Gun Set

The Ergonomic Twin Gun Set features a trigger lock lever, located on the side of the gun for easy access. Including an 8x Multi-Function Spray Gun and Adjustable Spray Pistol, it boasts a wide range of spray patterns and watering settings. The self-closing trigger leaves water pressure ready to use at the gun. Designed to fit 12mm standard garden hoses and fittings, this Twin Gun Set features an ergonomic grip design for more comfortable hand watering. With a  maximum operating pressure of 1200kPa, this set will cover all your watering needs.

  • Trigger Lock
  • 1200kPa operating pressure
  • 12mm fitting size
  • Multi-Function Gun with 8x spray patterns; Mist, Centre, Rinse, Soaker, Jet, Shower, Flat and Cone
  • Adjustable Spray Pistol; twist the nozzle to adjust
  • Ergonomic Grip

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