2931H Platinum Adjustable Spray Pistol
2931H Platinum Adjustable Spray Pistol

Platinum Adjustable Spray Pistol

The Platinum Adjustable Spray Pistol offers a great grip and an easy release trigger to make watering even easier for you. An extra flow control knob in available to increase or decrease the amount of water being delivered. The trigger also features a “self closing” action, so when it is released, the water flow automatically shuts off to save water.

Spray Pattern: This watering pistol can be adjusted ANYWHERE between OFF, to a mist to a jet stream! The nozzle also includes a non slip rubber grip, enabling you to twist the nozzle whilst watering and change the angle of the water stream. Great for swapping between watering delicate plants to watering over a greater distance.

  • Adjustable twist nozzle with rubber grip
  • Spray options: adjust from mist to power jet
  • Water saving self closing trigger
  • Front mounted trigger
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Full colour retail packaging (Barcoded)

Gun Type: Adjustable Pistol
  • Spray Guns, Nozzles & Wands - 10-Function-Platinum-Gun-Set
  • 2931H Platinum Adjustable Spray Pistol
  • 2930H Platinum Multi Function Gun
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Customer Reviews

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the adjustable spray nozzle is perfect.
i have been using this nozzle gun for over 7 years since when i got the one, over hundred times fall on ground, construction site gravel cars ran over and still like brand new without damage, it's a very well spray gun. it saves me a lot of money and water consumption.