Heavy Duty Adjustable Spray Pistol with Thumb Control

This Heavy Duty Adjustable Spray Pistol features durable metal parts, flow control, a self-closing trigger and an adjustable nozzle. This pistol is easy to use with its one-hand flow control, allowing you to adjust the amount of water being delivered as you are watering, or before you press the trigger. The one-hand self-closing trigger allows you to stop watering when you need, saving more water in the long run! The nozzle includes a non-slip rubber grip, enabling you to twist the nozzle whilst watering and change the type of water stream. Great for swapping between watering delicate plants to watering over a greater distance.

  • Spray options: Jet, Full and Cone
  • Carbon fibre grip
  • Durable metal parts
  • Adjustable twist nozzle
  • Water saving self-closing trigger
  • Easy thumb flow control
  • 12mm hose connection
  • Double o-ring connector

Gun Type: Adjustable Pistol
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Spray Pistol with Thumb Control
  • Heavy Duty 8 Function Spray Gun with Thumb Flow Control
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Additional information
Weight0.310 kg
Dimensions130 × 43 × 160 mm